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First Name: Casey
Age: 24
Hometown: Humble, TX
Years as a Texans Cheerleader: 2
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Food: Mac n' Cheese, please!
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite TV Show: Bones
Favorite Movie: Cool Runnings
Favorite Car: 1969 Chevy pickup
Favorite Animal: Puppy Dogs :)
Career Goal: My goal is to continue following my dreams of dancing and performing professionally, while also having the opportunity to teach dance.
Lifetime Goal: I hope to look back and have experienced a successful dance career. My goal is to have a loving family and be involved in my church and community. Also, I hope to travel and see more of the world.
Biggest Guilty Pleasure: I love desserts of any kind. I crave brownies, ice cream, cobbler, pie, cookies...I've got a bit of a sweet tooth.
A Perfect Day Would Be: Relaxing with friends and family is my perfect day. We'd barbecue and have live music and dancing for entertainment.
If you could get a free vacation anywhere, where would you go? I'd like to travel to the UK. This would be ideal because I could see multiple countries by taking a simple train ride. What a great way to see many amazing places in a small timeframe.
If you won $100,000,000 what would you do with it? With that much money, first I would make sure my family was taken care of. Then I would buy a house on a lake, travel as much as possible, and donate to charitable causes. Oh, but I couldn't forget to get lifetime season tickets to the Texans games!