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First Name
: Dresdynn & Schuyler
Age: 22
Hometown: Victoria, TX
Years as a Texans Cheerleader: 4th year
Favorite Music: R&B and pop, we love music that we can dance to.
Favorite Food: Cajun food. Our favorite dish is gumbo.
Favorite Color: Pink and Purple
Favorite TV Show: True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Series
Favorite Car: Mercedes Benz
Favorite Animal: Giraffes
Career Goal: To both become hospital administrators, because helping others is rewarding and fulfilling. 
Lifetime Goal: To have a great job, healthy and happy family and continue doing things that brings us joy and fulfillment.
Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Peach cobbler and fried foods.
A Perfect Day Would Be: A cool fall or spring day where we would be able to lounge around with a good book to read, with some homemade peach cobbler in the oven.
If you could get a free vacation anywhere, where would you go? We would go to a tropical and lush climate like the Bahamas or Hawaii and hang out with the people we love the most.
If you won $100,000,000 what would you do with it? Pay off all of our student loans, give some to charity, go on a mild shopping spree and invest the rest.