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Marc Vandermeer (@TexansVoice) joined the Texans staff as director of radio broadcasting in June 2012 and was promoted to Vice President of Broadcasting in April 2016. Vandermeer has been a team fixture since it began play in 2002, calling every snap the Houston Texans have ever taken as the team’s play-by-play an¬nouncer. He was also co-host of the morning drive show for flagship station KILT SportsRadio 610 AM until May 2012.


Vandermeer's View Columns/Videos

  • Vandermeer's View: Turning over a win

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Aug 19, 2017

    Preseason games are about getting better.

  • Vandermeer's View: Coming home

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Aug 18, 2017

    Other than some injury issues and time away from family, the Texans have to be thrilled for now about what they were able to accomplish in three and a half weeks in West Virginia.

  • Vandermeer's View: A learning curve

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Aug 9, 2017

    Like most preseason games, the Texans 27-17 loss to Carolina had plenty of good and plenty of bad moments for the coaches to dissect and discuss with the players.

  • Vandermeer's View: Time to Score

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Aug 9, 2017

    After nearly seven months of revamping, reloading and retooling, the Texans offense is finally ready to take the field.

  • Vandermeer's View: A Strong Week One

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Jul 31, 2017

    Fast, Physical and Fastidious. That’s how I’d describe the first week of Texans training camp.

  • A new chapter in #TexansCamp history

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Jul 23, 2017

    Bill O’Brien has made it clear that two things he really likes about going to the Greenbrier are the weather and the fact that the team will be able to bond as they live together far from home.

  • Vandermeer's View: Moving to the Mountains

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Jul 18, 2017

    For the first time ever, the Texans are hitting the road for the entirety of training camp.

  • Vandermeer's View: On the right track

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Jun 16, 2017

    Bill O’Brien likes to say that an NFL team is different each year.

  • Vandermeer's View: Offensive Injection

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Apr 29, 2017

    The 2017 draft class added more firepower, starting with the club making a huge move to improve at the most important position on the team.

  • Vandermeer’s View: Schedule shakedown

    By Marc Vandermeer - Posted Apr 20, 2017

    There are certain things I always check right away when the schedule is released. The opener is first. The second is when the games with Indy will take place.