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  • Texans Late Night Ep12- 1/4

    (7:00) Posted 4 hours ago

    Hosts Marc Vandermeer and Deepi Sidhu talk about everything Texans including J.j. Watt's "Santa Claus" question, plus Brian Cushing drinks rain water? And a look inside Jerrell Powe's locker.

  • Texans Late Night Ep12- 2/4

    (4:51) Posted 4 hours ago

    Marc and Deepi welcome cornerback Johnathan Joseph, where they discuss the upcoming game against the Bengals, his newborn baby, and more.

  • Texan Late Night Ep12- 3/4

    (6:07) Posted 4 hours ago

    Cornerback Johnathan Joseph is back for another segment and plays a game of "40 Yard Flash" with Marc, Deepi, and Megan from the audience.

  • Texan Late Night Ep12- 4/4

    (4:33) Posted 4 hours ago

    Marc and Deepi close out the show with Fitz Tips from strength and conditioning coach, Craig Fitzgerald. Plus, the players play a game of "This or That".

  • Texans Extra Points Ep14- 1/4

    (5:45) Posted 8 hours ago

    Drew Dougherty welcomes Ted Johnson (NFL veteran/ Sports Radio 610) and John Harris (Texans analyst) to the program. They discuss the week's hot topics, including QB Ryan Mallett.

  • Texans Extra Points Ep14- 2/4

    (4:41) Posted 8 hours ago

    Drew, Ted, and John discuss J.J. Watt.

  • Texans Extra Points Ep14- 3/4

    (6:59) Posted 8 hours ago

    John Harris and Coach O'Brien go to the telestrator and review some Cincinnati Bengals game film.

  • O'Brien Friday press conference

    (7:01) Posted Nov 21, 2014

    Head coach Bill O'Brien spoke to the media Friday at NRG Stadium following practice.

  • Foster's thoughts on Sunday, Blue

    (2:04) Posted Nov 21, 2014

    RB Arian Foster spoke to the media Friday at NRG Stadium.

  • Preview: Bengals vs. Texans

    (2:25) By NFL_COM - Posted Nov 21, 2014

    NFL Films previews the Week 12 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Houston Texans.