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HTC Lauren

Assistant Dance Instructor

Hometown: Victoria, Texas

Tenure: 5 Seasons

College: Kilgore, Baylor University, UTA


Why Do You Want To Become a Houston Texans Cheerleader?
I want to be an HTC because this organization is unlike any other in the NFL to work for. HTC is constantly in the community and is part of the game day experience that reaches fans on & off the field, especially to those who might not be able to ever experience an actual Gameday. HTC is also the way I want to continue my passion of performance & dance, nothing beats the thrills of a Texans Gameday! 

What Is Your Favorite Quote or Words You Live By?
"Be Somebody who makes Everybody feel like a Somebody!" These words are great to live by because you never know what others are experiencing in life and every interaction with another person matters so making every moment meaningful, genuine, & uplifting is important. As a HTC, every interaction in the community or at games leave lasting impressions with fans!

Fun Fact:
I'm a history nerd & love hearing new recommendations for historical books, movies, and podcasts to check out!:)