Coca-Cola | Houston Texans -

Gameday Recipes

Game time is meal time! Enjoy one or all of these amazing Gameday Recipes made with Coca-Cola and Kroger Products by Chef Ronnie Killen. Don't forget to service your meal with an ice cold, refreshing Coca-Cola.

Share a Coke on #TexansGameday

Share a Coke with a teammates, rival or friend this season - and don't forget to share those moments with us using #TexansGameday! Take your pick of your favorite photo opportunity at NRG Stadium, and don't forget to enjoy a nice cold Coca-Cola while watching the game.

Share a Coke on hashtag Texans Gameday. Presented by Coca-Cola. Pictured is a map of photo opportunities. 1. Memory lane in the boulevard. 2. Size me Up on the boulevard. 3. Texans Letters at the southeast corner of the stadium. 4. Coca-Cola 6 pack bottles in the boulevard. 7. Texans locker room at section 552. 8. Texans graffiti murals at sections 113, 120, 133, 140,512, and 538.