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Exiting NRG Stadium

How will I be directed out of my parking gate?

Fans are directed out of parking lots by HPD and parking personnel based on traffic flow, with the goal to get vehicles out of lots and onto roads as quickly as possible. This can change game-to-game and please note that you may not be able to take your preferred route or the one you took to the game – we recommend using Waze to assist with your drive home.

How long does it take to get out of NRG Park parking lots?

We aim to clear all of our lots within 50-60 minutes after end of game but various factors including construction and time of the game can influence lot clear times.

Does the time of game influence traffic upon exit?

Yes, expect heavier traffic and longer delays for night games – both inbound and outbound.

Is tailgating allowed after the game?

Postgame tailgating will be permitted for (1) hour following the conclusion of the game. At that time, lots begin to close and all vehicles must leave property.

Where is the Taxi/Uber pick-up location on Texans gameday?

The Taxi pick-up location can be found in the Brown Lot. The Uber pick-up location can be found in front of Hall B at the NRG Center.

Can I leave my vehicle at NRG Park overnight?

There is no overnight parking after the game. All vehicles must leave property when the lots begin to close (1) hour after the conclusion of the game.