10 questions with Bulman


Bulman tries to get by tackle Eric Winston during a training camp practice.

Defensive tackle Tim Bulman is heading into his second season with the Texans and fourth in the NFL. He grew up in the Boston-area and played collegiately at Boston College.

1. How competitive is the defensive line battle this year?

"It's definitely one of the most competitive spots on the field. I think the d-line in general, we are pretty loaded down there. All across the board, end, tackle, we have a lot of guys that can play both. So, it's kind of going to be whoever shows up in the games and whoever shows that they can do anything that coaches ask will probably be the guys that they go with."

2. Are you more comfortable playing defensive tackle or defensive end?

"I like end because you are free, you are outside and you get a little bit more space to work with. But I always like 3-technique. That was my bread and butter in college and it's pretty simple, you just have to go up the field. I'm comfortable at both. I'm getting more comfortable at end because, obviously, I've picked that up in the last year and a half. Either one, I don't really have any issues with."

3. How do you judge your performance during training camp so far?

"Training camp has been going on. I've had some typical good days, had some days where I need to make improvements, make a little less mistakes on those days. But overall, I think I've had an alright camp. I have to just keep on the grind. That's what camp is, it's week three, your body is hurting. Your mind is starting to think crazy stuff, but you have to keep with the grind and do your job and do the basic stuff you've been doing your whole career that's got you there."

4. Is there a certain part of your game you are working on this preseason?

"Just being consistent. That's about all I can do."

5. What would be your perfect highlight reel play?

"A sack, caused fumble, and recover it. Maybe for a touchdown. That would definitely be a highlight, something I haven't done yet. I haven't scored a touchdown."

6. What is the most important thing you have learned in your first couple of years in the NFL?

"Geez, there are a lot of things I've learned in my first few years. I think the thing you have to do is always stick to what's gotten you into the league and kept you around the league. Make sure when things aren't going exactly how you want, go back to the things that have made you special in a certain way. That's all you can do, is have that be your foundation and your base."

7. Have you kept in contact with Matt Ryan since going to college with him?

"I haven't. I haven't talked to him in maybe a year or so. I saw him when I went back there for a spring game or something. I'm sure he has changed his number from when I had it in college. He's probably been getting hit up by everyone that wants a piece of his pie."

8. As a Red Sox fan, what are your thoughts on Boston trading Manny Ramirez?

"Oh, shoot. I'm a Sox fan, but I don't like a lot of distractions. I thought I liked Manny, but some of the stuff, I don't know if it was the media hyping it up, but some of the stuff seemed like it was just Manny being Manny. It might take some pressure off the clubhouse, because something was always coming up towards the trade deadline. It would always be, 'Oh, I'm not happy with Boston,' then he would be signed back in and then he's happy. So I think it worked out for the best."

9. What part of the trip to New Orleans are you looking forward to the most?

"Probably just performing well and getting some rest after practice. That's about it. We are still in camp, so you got that camp time. I'm just trying to keep grinding."

10. How does gumbo compare to clam chowder?

"Oh shoot, nothing compares. Clam chowder will always be number one. No doubt."

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