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Each year the NFL players, through the help of the NFL Network, puts together their list of the Top 100 players in the NFL. That will, hopefully, be on the horizon near the end of the summer but due to restrictions/shelter-in-place orders due to COVID-19 outbreak, who knows whether we'll get one. But, NFL analyst and one of my long time follows Pete Prisco of CBS Sports put together his own Top 100 as he does every single season. I've always been a fan of Pete and respect the work that he puts into his list. I like to look at his Top 100 to gauge the strength of the quarterbacks, in particular, on the Texans 2020 schedule.

That's one of the first things that I look at and wouldn't you know right at the top of the list, the first quarterback that the Texans are going to face - Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. It's not surprising, in the slightest, that Mahomes leads the way on Prisco's Top 100. Taking out any bias I have for our guy Deshaun Watson, Mahomes would clearly be at the top of my list too. Moving on, I knew that it wouldn't be long until we got to Lamar Jackson, Baltimore's MVP signal caller, but I was surprised to see him all the way down at number seven. I wouldn't have him that low, but it's not as if he's out of the top ten. Of course, it's often discussed how the Texans will face those two quarterbacks right out of the chute to begin the 2020 season.

Rounding out the overall Top 10 on the Top 100 is Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes, Jackson, Russell Wilson and Rodgers are the four quarterbacks that make up Prisco's top ten and the Texans, according to my crack research, are the only team in the league to play at least three of those four quarterbacks.

That, of course, is the bad news. The good news? Well, there's only one other quarterback on the Texans schedule in the 100 and that's Minnesota's Kirk Cousins, who must tangle with the Texans at home. In fact, the only one of Prisco's top 100 quarterbacks that the Texans face on the road is Mahomes and what a night it'll be when we see Mahomes again.

All of the quarterbacks the Texans could face in 2020.

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