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I know there are many of you out there that remember Columbia House. Well, there are at least many of you in my generation/age demographic that do. How could you forget the ads...THAT OFFER?


I mean, C'MON! I'll take that deal all day, every day and millions of you did. Then, the fine print came into play at some point and you had to buy 12 CDs at regular price in the next 30 days or else. But, I don't want to focus on that part of the deal, I want to go back to the…


I know when I rifle through the CDs I no longer listen to, but did for about two decades, there are about 50 CDs in there that came as a result of the Columbia House offer. You could only do one offer, but if you had a wife and kids, well, there you go - four different subscriptions. But, FOCUS...back to the task at hand - 12 CDs for a penny.

In all honesty, I was struggling with what to write and just before I put fingers to keyboard, I saw an email come through on my personal email from...DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN...Columbia House! For some reason that gave me an idea.

If I gave you a penny and you could buy 12 DVDs (with no strings attached) of Texans games to have in your trusty DVD vault, which ones would you buy? That was always the fun part of Columbia House - picking 12 different stamps with oodles of them in front of you, then pasting them on to the sheet with 12 different spots to fill. Now, we all ended up with Lou Bega's album that featured Mambo No. 5 at some point because we ran out of options. Oh, so you didn't? Okay, soooo moving on.

Hopefully, you won't do that here in this exercise. Now, listen, I know you can find video of some games on YouTube or other means, but I'm telling you that you can have 4k quality DVDs of 12 games/wins of your choosing for a penny. Which ones do you add for just one cent? Oh, and you already own the 2002 win over the Cowboys and all the playoff wins. So...what stamps do you pick? Here are mine.

1. 2014 win over the Redskins in the opener - it was my first game on the sideline and one of my most memorable moments ever in a game happened when our line was dropped due to a massive thunderstorm. Oh, it's a great story...for another time and place.

3. 2015 MNF win at Cincinnati - T.J. Yates to the rescue...again.

4. 2017 57-14 over Tennessee - this should've been the first stamp on the page.

5. 2019 53-32 win over Atlanta - Will Fuller V at his best

6. 2012 win over Jacksonville in overtime - Andre Johnson goes OFF!

7. 2018 SNF win over Dallas - one of the hardest hitting games I've ever seen

8. 2009 win over New England - it was the first and only win over New England until…

9. 2019 SNF win over New England - for two and a half quarters, it was the best the 2019 team played, in my humble opinion.

10. 2015 1st win ever at Indianapolis - Give me Weeden to Strong for the game winner.

11. 2012 win over Baltimore - Total. Domination. The Texans throttled the eventual world champions 43-13 and were one of the two best teams in the league at the time.

12. 2018 MNF win over Tennessee - "That one's for you, Bob!"

So, those are mine, what would be yours?

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