An Inside Look at Houston Texans Cheerleaders' Prep Classes | Off the Field

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'Tis the season for HTC Tryouts! Only the best time of year - besides football season, of course. Every Houston Texans Cheerleader's journey begins at the Prep Classes. Three are offered every year to help participants prepare for Tryouts with an HTC style dance and a Q&A session. These Prep Classes are the best way to interact with former HTC, ask questions and learn how to bring that HTC sass.

This year, Prep Classes have been virtual! Virtual prep classes are great because they are accessible to everyone all over the country whether they are preparing for Tryouts or just looking for a fun dance opportunity. Virtual also allows for more people to attend. We kicked off our first Prep Class of the season on April 24th with over 80 participants. It was a Zoom party! Coach Casey taught a fun country style dance that the HTC performed during the season. A personal favorite of mine! Coach Casey was very personable, answered any and all questions that were asked and gave many compliments to participants' performances.

Having attended multiple in-person Prep Classes in the past and now having attended a Virtual Prep Class, I can say that there are perks to both. One of my favorite things about in-person Prep Classes was being able to interact and meet new people. I met one of my best friends at a HTC Prep Class back in 2019. My best advice to those attending or looking to attend a Prep Class this year is to take advantage of social media. Connect with other participants, sign up for the Virtual HTC Prep Classes together and discuss how you're preparing for Tryouts together. Continue to make special, once in a lifetime, Tryouts memories!

2020 was a year full of uncertainty and unusual circumstances, but I can't imagine going through it without having my HTC family to lean on. Being a part of such an uplifting and positive team has been the biggest blessing in my life. I am so excited for 2021 HTC Tryouts! I can't believe I am trying out to be a veteran this year. WOW! See y'all at the next prep class!

Best wishes and best of luck,

HTC Kennedy

Current Houston Texans Cheerleaders and Alumni volunteered together at the Houston Food Bank to give back to the community by helping inspect, package, and organize food. Would you like to volunteer with the Texans? Register here for Texans Care Volunteer Day presented by Chevron to volunteer alongside Texans Legends, Cheerleaders and more.