Another Mid Season Bowl Game

We had a marquee event two weeks ago when the Texans took on the Cowboys. Now another blockbuster awaits as Houston faces Tennessee in Nashville. This game is bigger than the entire offensive line's appetite.

I'm not going to use the overused word "swagger," but the Texans certainly appear to have a new-found confident attitude as they get ready for the next tilt. This game is no kick-in birdie, and they know that. It doesn't hurt to walk with a spring in your step as long as you back it up.

The open locker room on Wednesday saw a contingent of SportsRadio 610 guys meet up with some folks from the other sports station. I joked that we should have a Ron Burgundy style rumble to settle our differences. But could we really do it justice without KUHF and La Tremenda in the house? Actually, we all get along very well.

By the way, open locker room is a chance for media to interview players before practice. You just walk up to a player and ask to speak with him. It's just a 45-minute window, but I'm always amazed that NFL teams let media into what I would consider a very private area.

In baseball, you can go into the clubhouse up until 45 minutes before game time. This blows me away. I never feel totally comfortable in there before a game. If I were a player, I probably wouldn't like it.

Back to the game. It's simple, but tough to execute. Stop Travis Henry and force Vince Young to throw it. Vince has made some nice throws, but has yet to have a breakout passing game. He had a 19-yard TD run against Indy, but it's almost as if the Titans don't want him to risk life and limb utilizing his legs. At some point, he's going to win a game by himself. Let's not have it be Sunday.

On offense, just get Wali Lundy going early and let David Carr do his thing with the short, accurate passes and occasional long ones. Saying that a team can't turn the ball over is as obvious as saying you must outscore the opponent. But I can't help it: DON"T TURN THE BALL OVER. There, I feel better now.

Win this one and we're 3-4 and starting to look very interesting to the outside world. Get 'er done Texans!



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