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Sunday's game with the Minnesota Vikings will feature two extremely similar teams. Unfortunately, the most important commonality is that each team is winless on the season. The Vikings lost to the Packers, Colts and Titans, while the Texans lost to three of the top four teams in the league - Chiefs, Ravens and Steelers. So, it's as important an early October matchup as we've had in quite some time. Let's dive into the numbers in this matchup

8 - the number of wins for each of the three teams the Vikings and Texans have faced in 2020. The combined record of 8-1 for the Packers/Colts/Titans matches the record for the Chiefs/Ravens/Steelers.

3 - all three head coaches in Houston Texans history will be in the building on Sunday. That's the first time that's happened for the Texans and I'd argue that it's the first time it's happened in the NFL ever. That said, I don't have the time to fact check 101 years of the NFL. Regardless, the Texans first head coach Dom Capers is a senior defensive assistant for the Vikings, while the Texans second head coach Gary Kubiak is the Vikings offensive coordinator. Those two will face the Texans current head coach Bill O'Brien.

2 - the number of sacks J.J. Watt needs to reach 100 in his career.

6 - the number of interceptions Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has thrown in 2020.

0 - the number of interceptions (and turnovers) the Texans defense has in 2020. As such, something has to give on Sunday. In fact, the Texans haven't had an interception since week 16 of the 2019 season when they had four in an AFC South win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (six games). Hopefully, Sunday will be the day the interception damn breaks, if you will.

271 - the number of days since the Texans' last win.

270 - the number of days since the Vikings last win.

181 - Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook set a career high last week against the Titans, rushing for 181 yards on just 22 carries.

8.23 - Cook averaged this amount of yards on each of his 22 carries. It was the third highest average per carry and the highest amount in a game in which he carried it 11 times or more.

4.5 - the number of sacks for Yannick Ngakoue in three games at NRG  Stadium in his career. As a Jacksonville Jaguar for the previous four seasons, Ngakoue had some stellar games in our building. Thankfully, he missed 2019 in week two, but he's back and ready to add to add to that sack total.

6 - The number of double digit tackle games for Zach Cunningham over the past ten regular season games. He played for a bit in the week 17 game against the Titans so that game counts in the ten. In reality, though, it's been 10+ tackles in six of his last nine regular season games.

95 - Randall Cobb's receiving yardage last Sunday was his highest total since a November 17, 2019 game against Detroit (four catches for 115 yards and a touchdown as a Cowboy). His touchdown catch against the Steelers was the first since that same game against Detroit last November.

See you Sunday, everyone!

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