Breakfast: QB Fitzpatrick will make Texans history Sunday


The Texans have faced former players in past years. There have been any number of former players that have come back to NRG Stadium to face the Texans.

DeMeco Ryans.
Connor Barwin.
Mario Williams.

But, the one thing that the Texans have never done, if my math is correct, was face a starting quarterback that was once a former Texans starting quarterback. There have been former Texans starting quarterbacks on opposing sidelines, but never one that started against them. In fact, only one former Texans starting quarterback has ever taken a snap against his former Houston team.

It was not Matt Schaub, who was a member of the Oakland Raiders last season when the Texans visited in Week 2. He didn't play, as Raiders 2nd round draft pick Derek Carr took every snap of that Texans win in 2014.

It was not David Carr, who was a member of the Carolina Panthers in 2007 when the Texans visited. He also didn't play in that game, a 34-21 win for the Texans.

Sage Rosenfels was that guy. He didn't start, nor did he throw a pass against the Texans in 2010, as a member of the New York Giants. However, he did play late in the Giants 34-10 win over the Texans.

But, that's it. There have only been three former Texans starting quarterbacks on opposing sidelines and not one has ever started against the Texans.

Until Sunday.

Now, there was one former Texans QB that started, played and beat the Texans. That was Dan Orlovsky with the Colts in 2011, but he never started for the Texans. He did take a snap in the 2010 game against Philadelphia, but he never started for the Texans in his two seasons in Houston.

Fitzpatrick has started numerous games against former teams and did that twice last year in Houston - facing Buffalo and Tennessee (twice). But, Sunday will be the first time in reverse - a former Texans QB starting against the Texans. Nothing like history being made on Sunday at NRG Stadium, right?

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