Breakfast: Senior Bowl primer


The Senior Bowl kicks off next week in Mobile, Alabama and it's one of my favorite events of the entire season. This year, though, it takes on a little different feel as the Texans coaching staff will be leading the South squad against the North squad, which will be coached by the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately, the Senior Bowl coaching opportunity is afforded to the two coaching staffs that suffered through the worst seasons in the previous campaign and are returning from the previous campaign. The Cleveland Browns coached in it last year and turned down the opportunity to do it a second consecutive year and the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts do not have head coaches/coaching staffs in place at this time. So, the Texans were next on the list and accepted the nomination, if you will.


Well, the Texans coaches and personnel staff will get spend more time with these potential NFL players than normal. They'll see them in meetings. They'll see them in the locker room. They'll see them on the field. They'll be able to see which guys are coachable, which guys will react positively to the Texans environment and which ones are best fits to be Houston Texans. Traditionally, all 32 teams have opportunities to interview players at the Senior Bowl; the Texans not only get to do that, but they have that added benefit of observation in all facets of a week of football for these college football senior all-stars.

The Texans don't have a first or second round pick, but the majority of players at the Senior Bowl fit into rounds three through seven. As such, there's that added value of being in Alabama to observe these players for an entire week as Bill O'Brien and his staff will do next week.

Which players could find their way to Houston after a successful outing at the Senior Bowl as Brian Cushing, C.J. Fiedorowicz, Jay Prosch and D.J. Reader did? Glad you asked. We'll take a look at the players to watch on Monday.

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