BWTB: Top 11 Football Movie Characters

So, on Thursday, I got the call from the bullpen. Marc Vandermeer decided that he was trading Breakfast with the Bulls to me for a few breakfast tacos to be named later. Well, he doesn't know that just yet, but once he reads this, he'll know.

And, I won't get cheated.

That said, when I did my solo radio show, I did a segment called the Ultimate 11. Many listeners and Twitter followers loved the Ultimate 11. Essentially, it's a list, like David Letterman's Top Ten, but better. Well, because it's eleven and not ten, that's what I meant. Anyhow, I put a unique, different theme each and every day on Twitter, announced it on the air and allowed people to chime in on the answers. So, I figured I'd go to my fastball one more time and do an Ultimate 11 again.

The U11 theme for today is Best Football Movie Character and why.

So, here goes...

  1. @Coach Solo and @Jason in the H - Phil Eliot from North Dallas 40 - mainly because who takes a hit on a cigarette at halftime of a professional game? Phil does. Duh.
  1. @Mike25tb - Willie Beamon from Any Given Sunday - "early version of JFF". @Seumaskeith said Beamon "was ahead of his time as a true dual threat QB, probably inspired Vick". How neither of y'all said he's the greatest QB rapper in a movie is a major, MAJOR miss. Still good enough for No. 10.
  1. @dustinbennett76 - Billy Bob from Varsity Blues - "because FAT". Well said, Dustin, well said.
  1. @theotherchip - Cap Rooney from Any Given Sunday - "seemed authentic to many veteran QB on the way out - DeBerg and Brunell come to mind". I felt for Cap, I mean, his wife was just dragging his nearly 40-year old carcass to the field when he clearly had enough. Tough guy and perfect description by Chip.
  1. @lad7 - Paul Crewe in Longest Yard (the original) - "Burt Reynolds, of course, because he was coach, captain and quarterback". Throw in the fact that he came back as a versatile coach-halfback-convict in the remake in 2005 and I might have him a bit too low on the list.

6. @TexasGringo730 - Riggins from Friday Night Lights - "he spent more time with Minka Kelly than I ever will". It's a TV show, but I'll allow the technicality. And, TG's got a point - what man spends a week in Mexico instead of going to school, shows up on Friday morning, balls out on the field that night and goes home with Minka after the game? Only Riggins.

  1. (Tie) Linebackers Bobby Boucher in the Waterboy and Daniel Bateman in The Replacements. @JasonintheH said "uh, Boucher had 19 sacks in one game" while @Rott2000 said "Bateman is highly underrated". As a measuring stick, has JJ Watt ever had 19 sacks in a game? I rest my case.
  1. @Furd_Turgeson - Johnny Utah in Point Break - "cool under pressure, great in a bank robbery, can handle crazy teammates (Gary Busey)". Any QB keeping Busey in line MUST be on the list.
  1. @bigmeanjohn - Charles Jefferson in Fast Times in Ridgemont High - "played like Derrick Thomas when his Z28 was trashed - My old man is a TV repairman". And, don't get it twisted, Fast Times is totally a football movie.
  1. Got this name a number of times Alvin Mack from the Program - said @irishmik "only football character that inspired me to try to play like him". @AlmightyDolla said "Best. Trashtalker. Ever.". Uh, yeah, you guys never heard Ivy League trash talk. #AlgorithmSmack
  1. @sportsmediaLM - Ms. Davis in Varsity Blues. Well, yeah...sorry my mind wandered for a minute. Uh, Ms. Davis...okay, yeah, she was a great health teacher.

There you have it, a tremendous job by the peeps. Thanks to all that participated and we'll be in touch soon.

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