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After acquiring over 50 new players last offseason, Nick Caserio and the Texans are deep into the acquisition phase of Year 2. And while Lovie Smith was here last season as defensive coordinator, his input is even more valuable as head coach of the Texans.

Caserio told Texans Radio that the coaching staff's contribution to the draft process is key. "Our staff has done a great job over the last few weeks. We've given them groups of players and subsets of players to watch and evaluate independently from what we've done on the personnel and scouting side and now we have to combine those two."

"Ultimately, when a player comes into the building, we all want to have a vested interest in that player."

Smith told us on Texans Radio that he likes the team being able to re-sign some of the players that made an impression last season. "We got a chance to see them in every situation. How they respond after a loss, after wins, in the meeting rooms."

He reinforced that no matter if it's a draft choice, a trade or a free agent signing, it's important for the whole organization to be on the same page. "As we lay our foundation, there's a certain look, a certain type of player that we want in our system."

Chair and CEO Cal McNair told that he likes what he sees with Caserio and Smith working together. "They have a good relationship. Their communication is really strong. They're seeing how they want to build the team. They're out scouting different pro days and taking advantage of all the opportunities they have to be around these players."

Pro Days on campuses continue next week. Then it's draft time in less that four weeks (April 28-30). With 11 selections, including seven in the top 108 and two in the first 13, the Texans have a golden opportunity to bring in a lot of young talent that could go a long way toward giving them a huge boost.

"I think you're going to see a strong roster and you're going to see us play some really good games late in the season starting this year. And every year we're going to get better." McNair added.

With six first-round picks in the next three years and a gigantic amount of salary cap space for 2023, this is the runway the Houston Texans were looking for to get back to the postseason and beyond. And Caserio and Smith are doing all they can to make the right moves to get there.

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