Deshaun Watson, NFL players ask, "What if I was George Floyd?"

Ten days after George Floyd's tragic killing made international headlines, Deshaun Watson and a number of the NFL's top players released a moving campaign to bring awareness to the racism and police brutality.

In the video, Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Saquon Barkeley, Tyrann Mathieu, DeAndre Hopkins were just a few of the league's top talent asking the hypothetical question:

"What if I was George Floyd?"

The biggest stars in football made a powerful statement, stating they could be Floyd or any number of the recent victims of police brutality and racism just because they were black.

"I am George Floyd."

Players recognized Floyd and named a dozen other recent black killings, such as Ahmaud Arbery, gunned down while jogging in his Georgia neighborhood, Breonna Taylor, a Louisville emergency room technician shot and killed when police wrongfully raided her apartment.

In their message released on social media Thursday night, Watson and his peers vocalized support for Black Lives Matter, an emerging movement to promote social justice and equality for blacks, and the right to peacefully protest racism and police brutality as NFL players.

Check out some of the Texans player reactions below:

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