Deshaun Watson predicts big things for this teammate | Daily Brew

Deshaun Watson can't wait to see what Will Fuller, V will do in 2020.

The quarterback and wide receiver have been a terrific combo over the last trio of seasons, but their time together has been limited in each of those three campaigns. They played four games together in 2017 before Watson's year was submarined by a knee injury. In 2018, Fuller was sidelined early by a collarbone injury, and then lost midway through with a knee injury. Last year, hamstring and groin injuries for Fuller held the pair to just 11 games with each other.

But based on what he's seen of the rapid receiver, Watson is highly confident in what Fuller can do this year.

"Will's going to ball out," Watson said in a Saturday Zoom with the media. "Will's going to be one of the best receivers in the league."

When last we saw them on the field together, Fuller caught five of Watson's passes for 89 yards in the playoff loss at Kansas CIty. Including that postseason defeat, the pair has played 20 career games together when Fuller has been healthy enough to start the following week. A few times in 2018 and 2019, Fuller would catch a pass or two and leave the game early, and then not play the following week. In the 20 healthy contests with each other, they've linked up 95 times for 1,515 yards and 14 scores, and the Texans have been victorious in 12 games.

Watson explained why he thinks so highly of what Fuller can do this year.

"He came back a lot stronger, a lot faster," Watson said. "Will's really good, very confident in himself and what he did over the offseason. I'm very confident in what he can do. We all are as an organization and as a team. There's no doubt that Will can take that role and do great things with it."

General manager and head coach Bill O'Brien, who's used the term "Touchdown maker" when describing Fuller, also liked what he saw of the fifth-year pass-catcher.

"He's in great shape," O'Brien said. "He looks good. He's been working out and working hard. He's excited about the season and he's excited about our offense. We're excited about having him for 16 games. He looks as good as he's ever looked and that makes us happy. It makes us feel like we're going to get off on the right foot here."

For his career, Fuller has averaged 14.3 yards per catch. 14 of his 16 career touchdown catches were thrown by Watson.

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