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College national champion, first-round NFL draft selection, Houston Texans two-time Pro Bowler.

Now in his fourth NFL season, Deshaun Watson can add another title to his list of growing accomplishments.


The Texans starting quarterback has penned his first book, titled "Pass It On: Work Hard, Serve Others, Repeat" expected for released on September 8. A Communications major in college, Watson has always wanted to write a book and create a documentary (also currently in the works) to share his life experiences and help others along the way.

"I grew up in the hood," Watson said in a recent Zoom interview with NBA star Carmelo Anthony. "I grew up in Section 8 apartments, not having food, trying to scrape up some change to go to the store to buy a bag of chips just to eat at night and just dealing with that situation. I feel like if I can deal with that, I feel like anybody who is dealing with anything worse or anything that is better, can deal with their situation and problems if they keep believing and they keep pushing forward."

With a foreword written by Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, Watson's book outlines seven core values that helped him achieve success and guided his journey:







Values in Action

"I think it's very fitting that the title of your book is 'Pass It On.. So God trusts you and God is blessing you so you can bless others with your talents, with your resources," Swinney said. "So, you just continue to let that light shine, continue to smile, continue to be that leader that you are, and continue to be that legendary quarterback that you are as well." 

Watson shares his life lessons he learned on the way to leading the Tigers to a national college championship and becoming one of the NFL's leading young quarterbacks. Growing up in Gainesville, Georgia, Watson navigated his childhood through a number of hardships including poverty, government housing and watching his mother deal with cancer.

"I just wanted to take a different angle because I felt like not everyone watches sports, not everyone knows Deshaun Watson," Watson said. "So there's a lot of readers out there across the world if my book can be in the stores, in the airports and things like that, when people are traveling, people who don't even watch sports can check it out. What the book is about is leadership, serving and it's about really just a testimony on my life, how I dealt with and how I was raised and the advice I can give for other people who are dealing with adversity and can overcome that. It has a whole bunch of different other advice and tips throughout the book, but that was my goal."

"Pass It On" by Deshaun Watson is on sale Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020 wherever books are sold, including

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