Deshaun Watson kicks off season three of Film Session | Daily Brew

A couple of years ago, the NFL began providing a service called NFL Game Pass for its fans. Watch any game in the league, in any format, including every single radio broadcast as well, any time, any where. It's a must-have for X's and O's geeks like myself. Whether I wanted the TV broadcast or the All-22 film or the end zone tight shot on the OL/DL, it's right there at my disposal. Honestly, it's like handing unlimited candy to a five year old. It's no surprise that I use Game Pass pretty much every single day for, well, something. 

But, the NFL took it to a completely different level over the past couple of seasons. It's one thing to watch all of the great action in the league, but it's quite another to see the game through the eyes of the guys playing and coaching the game. So, Brian Baldinger, Ron Jaworski and Kurt Warner started sitting down with players and coaches throughout the league to discuss the X's and O's of their schemes/plays/moments. NFL Films shoots the whole thing, strings it together with some fancy mic'd up sound and, VOILA, spits out 20 minutes of my favorite NFL Films segment of all-time - Film Session.

I tell you all of that because for the first time in the three years Film Session secured the services of a Houston Texan. Not surprisingly, it's Deshaun Watson. The fourth year quarterback will kick off season three of Film Session as he sat down with Baldinger and Warner taking a deep dive into the game through his eyes. I've watched every single Film Session, which surprises no one, and I'm ready to dive into this one on Deshaun. Given his football acumen and understanding of defenses at this age, I can't wait to see him dissect the game with Baldy and Kurt. 

If you want to see it and every other NFL moment of the past decade, go to Oh, you'll enjoy it for certain.

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