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Two weeks ago, Marc and I did our Wednesday Night Draft on the Ultimate all-time offense to win one game. I will readily admit that Marc did a great job and his GM skills were certainly on point. I figured I had to return the favor so to speak a few day ago. We did our Wednesday Night Draft and this time it was the Ultimate all-time defense to win one game.

I came in with a plan. I had to win a game, right? So, I wanted maximum pressure on the offense with speed on the edge and I wanted the ultimate in a position-less defense, if possible. So, here's what I came up with, in order of selection.

Edge - Derrick Thomas, Chiefs

Interior (he will be on my team) - Reggie White, Eagles/Packers

Interior defensive line - Joe Greene, Steelers

Cornerback - Darrelle Revis, Jets

LB/S/Stud - Sean Taylor, Redskins

Edge - Von Miller, Broncos

Safety - Ronnie Lott, 49ers

Cornerback - Mike Haynes, Patriots/Raiders

Linebacker - Luke Kuechly, Panthers

Safety/Nickel - Charles Woodson, Raiders/Packers

Safety - Troy Polamalu, Steelers

Speed off the edge? Check - Von and DT were two of the fastest players ever to rush the edge.

Versatility? Check - I'm only playing one linebacker but Kuechly is an absolute stud sideline to sideline. Furthemore, I'm playing Kuechly alongside Lott, Woodson, Polamalu and Sean Taylor. Basically, I'm daring Marc's offense to run repeatedly, which he might do (he drafted Jim Brown AND Walter Payton), but he won't. I know him. So, I'm basically playing with four safeties and a large safety (Kuechly) at linebacker. Plus, I can arrange these 11 in a multitude of formations and schemes. I mean, c'mon, I got Troy Polamalu as Mr. Irrelevant in this draft.

Here's Marc team so you can see how he did.

Edge - LT, Giants

Edge/Interior - J.J. Watt, Texans

Cornerback - Deion Sanders, Falcons/49ers/Cowboys

Outside linebacker - Ted Hendricks, Raiders

Cornerback/defensive back - Dick 'Night Train' Lane, Lions/Rams

Safety - Ken Houston, Redskins/Oilers

Edge - Bruce Smith, Bills

Interior defensive lineman - Merlin Olsen, Rams

Linebacker - Ray Lewis, Ravens

Safety - Ed Reed, Ravens

Defensive lineman - Randy White, Cowboys

His team is fine, but it's not my team, right? RIGHT?!? Anyhow, it was a truly fun exercise, to say the least. Tune into our next Wednesday Night Draft on Texans All-Access 6-7 PM every Wednesday night leading up to the actual NFL Draft on April 23 - 25th.

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