Former college teammates Danny Barrett, George Warhop now reunited as coaches | Daily Brew

The last time Danny Barrett was working with George Warhop, he was throwing passes as the starting quarterback for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats.

Barrett, now entering his fifth season as the Houston Texans Running Backs coach, threw for 4,407 career yards at Cincinnati from 1979-82. Warhop, who joined the Texans staff as the new offensive line coach, was blocking for Barrett during their collegiate careers. At the time, Barrett ranked No. 2 on the all-time Bearcats passing list and Warhop played center, earning a varsity letter in 1981 and 1982.

"This is the first time that we'll have an opportunity to be together since then," Barrett said. "Bearcats for life! And so I'm looking forward to that, just the camaraderie that we've had and the relationship since our playing days."

Barrett earned an Associated Press honorable mention All-American in 1982 before going on to play quarterback for 14 seasons in the Canadian Football League. After his playing career ended, Barrett joined the CFL coaching ranks eventually becoming the head coach and assistant general manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders for seven seasons (2000-06). When it came time to transition back into college and NFL football, Barrett turned to his former teammate and friend for advice.

"When I first came back to the States, you know he (Warhop) was one of the first guys I reached out to back in 2007 to talk ball and learn the U.S. game again because I had been away from it for so long," Barrett said. "That's been great for myself and I'm excited about that. And the rest of the guys in the room with the experience and the knowledge that they have, it's been great. We're going to collaborate and continue to move forward just like we've been doing since the day when they all got here."

Head Coach Lovie Smith and his new coaching staff will head to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine taking place March 1 through 7.

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