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"Make good choices, use your time wisely, stay in your routine."

These were General Manager Nick Caserio's parting words of advice to players, staff and even for himself during the next five weeks.

Like the rest of the NFL, the Houston Texans are on a break from football before reporting for Training Camp during the last week of July. Ever since the start of the offseason workout program on April 11, players have been in the team facility, workout out, rehabbing, attending meetings and going through on-field drills during OTAs and minicamp. Now, they will be on their own for some much-needed time to relax before the rigors of camp.

"I think everybody needs a little bit of time away from football. It's good," Caserio said on Texans Radio. "But I'd say from a player standpoint, you have a four-to-six week window where you have to maintain your strength, maintain your endurance, maintain your physical performance. We're going to give our players a program and say if you do these things on a weekly basis, structure your week accordingly, go out there and train. Then when you show up for training camp, you should be prepared to withstand the rigors of what we're about to ask you to do."

The purpose of a program is for players to find time to incorporate their training each day around the same time, according to Caserio. For example, waking up, eating breakfast, training and then allowing for time to recover. Even Caserio plans to incorporate a flexible routine for himself to stay on track.

"I look forward to the summer because it's an opportunity to spend time with my daughters and my wife and we maximize our opportunities together," Caserio said. "When there's windows or pockets of downtime, there's something that maybe I can work on. Go through some college players, go through some of the college reports, start to think about what are some of the things in training camp that we need to get done."

Caserio has also made time to unplug from football, going to see this summer's blockbuster hit Top Gun: Maverick.

"I hadn't been in a movie theater in forever," Caserio said. "I loved it. It was phenomenal."

The Texans begin training camp at the Houston Methodist Training Center on Friday, July 29.

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