Goodbye, Coach Culley

I wrote something about Bill O'Brien after he was let go. And Gary Kubiak too. When Dom Capers was fired, I hosted his radio show that night. He took calls.

David Culley and the Texans part company after one year. I always say when coaches lose employment it's usually because they didn't win enough games.

Bum Phillips said "There's two kinds of coaches, them that's fired and them that's gonna be fired."

Capers, Kubiak and O'Brien all made contributions to the organization over several seasons. Culley got the one season but this always comes down to management believing there is a higher level of performance they need to achieve.

Culley is a fine coach and a gentleman. He would sometimes just knock on my door and ask how I was doing, out of the blue. He didn't linger, of course. There was too much to do. But he made everyone feel appreciated and important.

I've worked closely with many coaches from all the Texans mentors to Butch Davis, Leonard Hamilton, Larry Coker, Mark Whipple and John Calipari. I learned from them all. I've learned from Culley that there's no situation in this business that's so stressful that you need to lose your positive disposition.

The man was great to be around whether it was after the back-to-back wins or the taxing losing streak. He never wavered to us in his attitude and always stepped up and did every show and interview, knowing our listeners and viewers wanted to know his thoughts.

There's a reason why Culley has been in this business since the Disco era. He's easy to work with and a great teacher and mentor. It didn't work out here as a head coach but I'm still grateful I got a chance to know him and work with him.

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