Harris Hurry-Up: Penultimate practice in West Virginia

The magic number is one. One more practice remains for the Texans in West Virginia after the completion of Sunday's workout. Seeing as though Monday is an off day, Tuesday will be the last workout at the Greenbrier as the team leaves for Kansas City on Wednesday. Here's the Harris Hurry-up from Sunday's workout.

-- One of my favorite things of the entire two-week stint in West Virginia was seeing safety Tyrann Mathieu playing catch with some local youngsters in a break at practice. On the final throw, the young man hit Mathieu in stride and as No. 32 celebrated, the young Golden Arm flexed for all to see. That's going to be a memory for that young man for a long time.

-- The defensive linemen, on the other hand, ran some slants and fade routes to get loose before the workout started. No, that's not a misprint. Of course, J.J. Watt did his best DeAndre Hopkins imitation with a one-hand snag on a slant route. It's clear watching that group which ones are the true athletes of the bunch (hint: all of them).

-- Then, later in practice in a team drill, Hopkins did his best Watt imitation, snagging a one-hander on a crossing route, which is one of the toughest routes in which to make a one-hand catch. But, he made it look as easy as it always does. Yet, it's not simple at all.

-- When the defensive linemen moved just near the fencing/barrier to do some get-off work, the fans congregated as close to the fence as possible to get a look at Watt and his defensive line mates. Phones and cameras were flashing and popping the entire time, not surprisingly.

-- Monday is an off day and one of the team's last few days on campus, if you will. Linebacker Brian Peters told me he had two things planned - go check out our "40 yards with Brian Peters" for his answer. I was going to tell you, but I had an old man moment now that I'm writing.

-- Wide receiver DeAndrew White made the best catch I've seen him make in team drills early in practice. He skied above the defensive backs on a route down the middle of the field for a catch on a throw from quarterback Brandon Weeden.

-- Kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn had another solid day kicking field goals. He made five of eight through the Arena League posts (i.e. tight sticks) and missed only one on the NFL sticks. He seems more consistent the more that he's kicked these past two weeks.

-- During the past two weeks, tight end Jordan Akins may not have dropped one pass during a team drill. At least, not that I remember. All the tight ends have caught it extremely well, which is great to see. Akins can also get himself open in a hurry as well. He beat a linebacker in man coverage for a quick pitch and catch from Weeden early in team drills.

-- Rookie Justin Reid came up with the first interception of the day on the very first play of team drills. He was patrolling the middle of the field and read the errant throw perfectly to put himself in position to make the pick.

-- I've written "4 to 15 - complete" a lot this week, in particular... and those have been in a variety of ways as well. That would be No. 4 Deshaun Watson and No. 15 Will Fuller V, in case you didn't know my shorthand.

-- Quarterback Brandon Weeden honed in on receiver Sammie Coates earlier in training camp, but on Sunday, he had Braxton Miller in his sights. During team drills, Miller had consecutive catches on throws from Weeden.

-- On one of the final plays of that drill, safety Treston Decoud came up with a diving interception, the second of the day for the defense.

-- I've gotten a ton of questions every single day about defensive end J.J. Watt. People have surmised, erroneously, that something must be wrong because I haven't mentioned him in the Harris Hurry-up much at all. So, let me cool everyone's jets a little bit - Watt is fine, has been fine and has been as good as ever in training camp. We good now? Okay, great.

-- Watching him work his pass rush moves in one-on-ones, it's so...man, what's the right word...surgical. His hand placement, his body positioning and his feet are all in sync when he rushes the quarterback and that makes it so tough to block him one-on-one. He's given the Texans tackles some lessons that can only make them better in 2018 and beyond.

-- If there's one thing I knew about rookie Duke Ejiofor coming out of Wake Forest, it was that he was a skilled pass rusher. He certainly hasn't disappointed in that category this camp in my opinion. He used a maneuver off the edge today that looked like something straight out of an "And 1" mixtape. By the way, "And 1" is basketball. Never seen any edge rusher try anything like that.

-- The more that I watch the Texans edge rushers, the more I'm convinced that hands and hand usage are more important than anything other asset, including speed, burst or power. If a rusher can throw hands accurately, properly and precisely, he'll win a significant number of reps. Just one man's opinion.

-- When I watch tackle Kendall Lamm during one-on-ones, he seems so much more patient in his approach. He doesn't overreact and gets himself in proper position with his feet to stave off the opposing rusher. Now, he has to put it all together in these preseason games to show how far he's progressed.

-- Interior lineman Zach Fulton is one strong SOB. I really love to watch him in the run game, but he's so strong in pass protection that he can hold up against nearly anything an interior D-Lineman throws at him. I'm a big fan and hope that he continues that play that way on into the season and beyond.

-- The final period of the day was more 11-on-11 and the highlight was a defensive one - rookie Andre Chachere came down with the defense's third pick of the day. I'm anxious/excited to see what the former San Jose State Spartan does in these next few preseason games.

-- Offensive lineman Anthony Coyle and defensive Kingsley Opara each caught a punt from Shane Lechler to ensure that the team would have the night off prior Monday's full day off. It may not sound like much, but a 90+ minute meeting during training camp after a grueling two hour practice is no bueno. I can tell you from personal experience that a night away from meetings is the best thing ever in training camp (relatively speaking). Justifiably, the team went crazy when Opara sealed the night off with his catch.

Well, that's it for today, folks. One more practice on Tuesday, a trip to Kansas City on Wednesday, Preseason game number one on Thursday and home to Houston on Friday (early morning). Can't wait to see this team in game action very soon. See ya on Tuesday with more from West Virginia.

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