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Reflecting on my experience thus far as a Houston Texans Cheerleader, I can think of numerous ways that the Texans organization has equipped and taught me leadership qualities. I have learned that you can and should always lead by example; not only when someone is watching, but when someone is not. Leadership is accountability, and HTC continues to hold me accountable in my uniform, at practice, appearances, and most importantly during games. However, I am held accountable the most when I am just Jasmine, and not HTC Jasmine.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders' coach, Casey Potter embodies the type of leader any person can aspire to be. She is fearless, selfless, determined, and dedicated. She wants the best for her team and holds us accountable to be the best cheerleader and role model that we can be. Coach Casey was once a team member before leading the team, which then led her to becoming a successful coach.

Leadership is educated, optimistic, and open-minded. To me, leadership is dedication. It is humbleness, and patience, with a willingness to learn.

Success stems at the root of proper planning and strategizing. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not just wake up one day and decide to march for Civil Rights. No. He gave his vision of equality much thought, and proper planning. A great principal of a school will create a vision that directly impacts the school and the environment in which the students will be most successful. Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson must practice until he progresses in order to lead his team to victory. With all things considered, leadership is not something that evolves overnight.

Great leaders, first, know how to follow and learn from others that came before them.

Houston Texans President, Jamey Rootes, wrote a book about leadership and what it takes to be successful. He does so by laying out his strategic plan in seven detailed chapters. This book is sure to influence and encourage anyone striving for a successful career in life, whatever that may look like. It is imperative to learn leadership qualities because it prepares you for any and every situation in life. Having leadership qualities will also help you through adversity. You can get Jamey's book, The Winning Game Plan on Amazon. All net proceeds of the book will benefit the Houston Texans Foundation.

Leadership is not a position; it is an action. Are you ready for leadership?

- HTC Jasmine

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