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Tom Petty sang "the waiting is the hardest part." He wasn't talking about NFL coaching searches but the lyric certainly applies.

The biggest factor is getting the right guy. The Texans have interviewed a variety of candidates and each has been debated in the local media more than a Supreme Court Justice nominee.

When the new mentor gets in his office, he'll have a great head start over what was in place last year. After all, once the quarterback position became a gigantic question mark in the 2021 offseason, it was nearly impossible to predict where the Texans would be now.

Of course, there's a major resolution we're all still waiting on but rookie Davis Mills showed a lot of promise down the stretch, giving hope for an even better second-year campaign. He and the other four draft choices all did things on the field that fed some optimism going into their follow-up seasons.

The fact that five draft picks, all taken in the third round and lower, were able to at least flash gets you excited about what Nick Caserio can do in a draft where the Texans have a first and second-round pick for the first time in three years.

And get ready for another haul of free agents who are eager to add to the mix and up the win total.

Obviously, we don't know how the coaching staff will shape up yet. But we do know that Caserio has had a year at the helm and that experience, combined with two prior decades in the league, will serve him well as he makes tough decisions on the immediate future of this team.

We all saw the games over the weekend. The Texans have a long way to go. But so did the Bengals, who won four games in 2020. And the 49ers, who won six last season. This is not to say that the Texans are that close, but this is the NFL where intriguing leaps of performance happen all the time.

Fifty percent of this season's playoff field didn't go to the post-season last year. There are nine coaching jobs open. This is a league that is constantly in flux. There's a ton of work to do but certainly an opportunity to take a big step forward.

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