Keeping spirits high


No one ever said being a Texans fan was easy. But those of us that have been there in one way or another since the beginning know that being a fan is about passion for your team and a love of the game.

Sure, I would LOVE to see us win. But I'm still happy about so many things we've been doing this year.

It has been great seeing the O-line keep Carr off of his back so he can throw the ball. We've been able to watch Wali Lundy, Owen Daniels, and so many of our other rookies start to settle into the NFL.

And more good things are sure to come. I can't wait for Kailee Wong to get off of the PUP list and return to the field. I know we are all looking forward to Jerome Mathis (also on the PUP) getting more kick returns! And I think we are going to see great things from Jeb Putzier and Ron Dayne, both new to the Texans.

As for our part, the cheerleaders are doing everything we can to keep the crowd's spirits up. We've been learning new dances and adding new things to entertain all of you!

For those that come out to the games, be sure to stay until the end! One of our big end zone dances is during the fourth quarter's two-minute warning. Please, please stay to see all of our hard work pay off!

We love to see the smiles on the fans' faces, so come out to the games, stay until the end and bring your cameras! We'll be on the sidelines smiling just for you.

Cheerleader Trivia:

Last week's question asked which of the girls went to Stanford for her undergraduate degree. And the answer is... Malia! Malia double-majored in Political Science and Communications and now works for an investment management firm.

Trivia Question:Which girl on the squad is the proud mom of a beautiful baby boy?


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