Learning my lesson


Okay, so I have to admit to everyone what a horrible thing I did. I'm playing in the Texans Celebrity Fantasy Football League with 10 other Texans-related "celebrities." And I was doing really well, too! I had placed in the top 3 for four weeks in a row. I was even 4th place one week against the 1,300 Texans fans that play in the regular league!

I was getting outstanding numbers from people like Donovan McNabb, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Clinton Portis, and our very own Owen Daniels. And then I got greedy.

In Week 7, I made my fatal error. After carefully setting my entire lineup, I made one quick, last-minute change and then saved my players for the week. I got up from my computer and went on with my evening without realizing the severity of what I had just done.

In a moment of stupidity, I did something I vowed I would never do. I went against my Texans. Yes, I actually put the Jacksonville defense in my lineup.

At the time, I ascribed my "quick, last-minute change" to what I had thought was "realistic clarity." But as I watched the Texans score 27 points that day against a weak Jaguars defense, I realized what I had done.

My competitive side had taken over my loyal side. I compromised my joy and love for the Texans. For me, our victory that day was a bit tainted. I was overjoyed about our win, but I hated knowing that I was going to be drastically beaten by the rest of our fantasy league.

I fell to sixth place that week. After a pathetic no-show this past weekend, I have now taken my place in the second-to-last position, 90 wretched points behind the next closest person (and 216 points out of the lead).

The road ahead is daunting. But with nine weeks left in this year's football season, I will be clawing and clamouring with everything I have. And I will never go against my Texans again!

The moral of the story? I think I take fantasy football too seriously!! :)

*Okay, trivia time!! *

Last time I asked "During college, which one of the girls volunteered her time to work with SafePlace, a non-profit organization helping families affected by domestic violence?" And the answer is....Catie!! While attending UT, Catie served as philanthropy chair for her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. Great job, Catie!

This time's trivia:
Which girl on the squad celebrates her birthday on a national holiday?




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