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There are events on the NFL calendar that get people excited. The Senior Bowl is a look into the future. The Combine brings all of the top prospects together in one location for a team and media frenzy. The Draft is, well, the Draft. When the Draft is over, though, there's a little bit of a letdown of events. Well, there WAS, in the past, I mean. Two or three years ago, the NFL moved the upcoming schedule release to the second week in May to dominate the headlines, again, in a much different way. Every team knows WHO it's going to play. Every team knows WHERE it's going to play. But, it's the WHEN that truly gets people excited about the NFL's schedule release.

It's going to happen on Thursday, May 12th at 7 p.m. CT, which allows everyone to then plan their entire fall and winter schedules. When is that bye? When are any primetime games? What is the short week? Who do we open with? When is that Chicago trip? Well, okay, maybe that's just me because I don't want to freeze at Soldier Field in December. Either way, I took a shot at predicting the schedule for when it comes out. I guarantee only one thing - it won't look this way at all, but it could. Nah, it won't, but it's fun to play around with at least one option that could work. So, let's get nutty.

Week 1 - v. Indianapolis - QB Matt Ryan's first game as a Colt and he'll be carrying a TON of pressure.
Week 2 - at New York Giants - It's the Texans first trip to Met Life in four years; this time it's to face QB Daniel Jones and the G Men.
Week 3 - at Chicago - Lovie returns to Chicago for the first time since 2014.
Week 4 - v. Cleveland - Umm, yeah, you already know.
Week 5 - at Dallas - The last two meetings were CLASSICS.
Week 6 - v. Kansas City - No Tyreek for this one, thankfully.
Week 7 - at Indianapolis - Finishing with the Colts early in 2022.
Week 8 - BYE
Week 9 - v. Philadelphia - Philly will be a hot team for the media and analysts to pick in preseason, but we'll see what the reality is in Week 9 after the bye.
Week 10 - at Las Vegas - VEGAS, BABY!!
Week 11 - v. Jacksonville - First time to see the Jaguars in 2022 and I have a feeling they'll be SUPER different from the last time they visited NRG Stadium
Week 12 - v. Washington - This is the first time that the Texans will face the Carson Wentz-led Commanders…or this late in the year will it be rookie Sam Howell?
Week 13 - at Tennessee - It's never NOT a battle in Nashville, regardless of when this matchup happens.
Week 14 - v. Los Angeles Chargers - The Chargers took one on the chin in 2021 at NRG Stadium, but this won't be the same squad, in the slightest, by late 2022.
Week 15 - at Denver - Who's this Russell Wilson character? Is he any good? (I kid, I kid)
Week 16 - v. Tennessee - The last two matchups at NRG have been season-enders that featured incredible Texans' comebacks that resulted in kick-in-the teeth losses too.
Week 17 - at Miami - Nothing like 72 and sunny (hopefully) in January.
Week 18 - at Jacksonville - Nothing like…well, there's no telling what we could see in Jacksonville in the finale.

The WHEN of the NFL schedule hits the airwaves on Thursday. So, get ready to see how close my prediction is to the real thing. I'll be happy with three matches. Let's GO!

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