More single-digit jersey numbers? Yes, please | Daily Brew

NFL players will have expanded options for jersey numbers this year, including unlocking single-digit numbers.

On Wednesday, the league announced that clubs had agreed to a wider range of numbers for certain position groups, approving a proposal submitted by the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to the new rule, numbers 1-49 can now be worn by defensive backs, running backs, fullbacks, tight ends, halfbacks, wide receivers and linebackers.

Before the rule change, only quarterbacks, kickers and punters could use single-digit numbers. With the new rule in place, a number of Houston Texans could have the option to revert back to their old college jerseys. For instance, Justin Reid could now switch to No. 8 like he wore at Stanford. Brandin Cooks could wear No. 7 like he did for his final two seasons at Oregon State. Keke Coutee wore No. 2 during his 2017 season at Texas Tech. Other players who wore single digit jerseys in college include: David Johnson (No. 7), Lonnie Johnson Jr. (No. 6) and Jacob Martin (No. 9).

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