Practice quotes: Wednesday


Members of the Texans spoke to the media about returning to Reliant Stadium for their home opener after playing three games on the road.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on what he's going to do with C.C. Brown being out) "With C.C. being out? We kind of just have to keep pushing through the week because Will (Demps) didn't practice today. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think Will is going to be ready to play. I'll know more as we get to Friday. Right now, we're rotating those other three and of course, Eugene (Wilson) can play back there too. That's the way we're working it, so we'll see where we go."

(on how RB Ahman Green looks) "He's looked good. He's better than he was last week. He practiced today. Last week, he practiced strictly with the scout team. Today, he's working with the offense. So it's my hope that he's ready to go in there and play with (RB) Steve (Slaton) this weekend."

(on the players talking about having a sense of urgency this week) "Well, I hope we've had a sense of urgency every time we go to play. We shouldn't approach any game any different regardless of which week it is. We had a sense of urgency last week and were in a great football game and came up a play short. We need to get ourselves in a great football game this week again and come up with a big play."

(on if there is anything different with the Colts since they are 1-2) "No. They could easily be 3-0. They got beat by a play against Jacksonville, a big P.I. (pass interference penalty) late in the game. In the Chicago game, it could easily go the other way. They have one of the greatest ever to play the game leading the show. They've had two weeks off to freshen up. One of their problems has been injuries, so they're getting some guys back. Defensively, they're as fast getting up the field as they've ever been. It's the same challenge for us – the same football team we've seen."

(on how scary it is to face Colts QB Peyton Manning without any healthy safeties) "It's scary to face him if you had 15 safeties that were healthy, so that doesn't change. He's unbelievable and he's going to make plays; they're going to make plays. What you have to do is just keep grinding, keep playing and not get discouraged when they make one on you. Hopefully, you find your plays before the day is said and done. It takes a total team effort to get it done against them – a very unselfish team effort – and that's what we're looking for this weekend."

(on how important WR Kevin Walter and TE Owen Daniels are with teams concentrating on WR Andre Johnson) "Yeah, it's amazing. Kevin (Walter), he misses practice Wednesday and he was very hobbled on Thursday. I didn't even know if he would play. He goes in and makes the plays that he makes. That's just the way that he is. I think we're better; we're balanced when we're getting that ball spread around like we did the other day. Those kids stepped up and made their plays."

(on QB Matt Schaub having the same demeanor as last week) "That doesn't surprise me. He understands the deal and he's very tough, mentally. We spent a lot of time together here over the course of the last three weeks, especially a lot of time last week. He was challenged as a player and as we talked again yesterday, and the challenge hasn't ceased. It's still there and he's got to continue to play very well for his team. The key was that this team played very well around him. We protected as good as we've protected him all year and he responded."

(on if there can be some carryover after QB Matt Schaub's play last week) "Well, quarterback is about confidence. When you have some things go your way, you usually gain some confidence. He's going against some great defensive football teams and this week, this one right here, if you hold the ball, you're going to get beat up pretty quick. It's another big challenge for him and it always will be. But the thing I like about him is he's here working every day and ready for that challenge. He responded, but we all need to respond."

(on why Indianapolis has struggled running the ball this year) "The way I look at it, if you go back and look, their time of possession has been way down. Against Jacksonville, Jacksonville had the ball 40-plus minutes. So, if you're only getting it 19 minutes a game, you'd better try to be a little more aggressive with it to do something with it. I think that's where that's come from. But they are very capable, if you're playing them in a six-man front, of running the ball at you."

(on the importance of RB Steve Slaton in the passing game) "Yeah, those were check downs we were hitting last, and he was still making plays. That brings a lot of confidence to the quarterback. He's been a very impressive young man because he's played against two very physical teams. He hasn't missed a day of practice; very upbeat kid, always smiling. He's got a chance to do something special as a rookie this year. He's staring at a lot of football season left, so it will be interesting to see how he progresses."

(on if he is surprised with how quickly RB Steve Slaton has responded with how much the coaches have thrown at him) "Yeah, I think we all are. I think we are very impressed with how tough he has played in the passing game, how much he's been able to handle on the field, and yet walk out here on Wednesdays and not be so beat up that he can't really recover. He's recovered well; he's keeping his weight. All those things you worry about with a young player haven't been a problem with him."

(on if he sees some similarities between TE Owen Daniels and Colts TE Dallas Clark) "Yeah, they are a lot alike. We probably use Owen (Daniels) a little different. He plays inside a great deal. (Colts) Dallas (Clark) plays outside a great deal. But as far as their strengths running routes and those types of things, they are probably very much alike."

(on how key it is for both the Colts and Texans offenses to have that receiving option at tight end) "It's very important. If people roll up on you outside and you don't have guys inside that can make plays, it makes for a very long day. Owen (Daniels) stepped up and made some big plays the other day and he's been playing well."

(on the importance of the home opener) It's extremely important. It's been a hard month. It's been a hard month life-wise and football-wise for a lot of people. We get to settle down here, we're not going anywhere for the next month. We're going to get to play at our place. It's got to feel good for everybody. I'm sure players can give you their answers but we're looking forward to it. We're looking forward to not practicing with noise for the next three days. We've been doing that on a regular basis."

(on being undefeated when the roof is open) "They need to leave it open then. Hopefully that will hold true."

(on problems in the red zone) "I've seen this happen before. From an offensive standpoint, I've started seasons horrible in the red zone and by the end of the year, it's something that you did the best. We're at three games into it. Obviously, we've got problems in the red zone defensively and on third downs, and hopefully we can get that reversed."

(on if the red zone struggles are on the team's radar screen) "It'd better be on our radar screen. It's out there like a sore thumb, so it's obvious."

(on if he likes playing outdoors since it's what he's done his whole career) "Yeah, I do. I've always liked the fact about our place knowing that every time you do play at home you're going to play in perfect conditions. That's nice to know. With this situation now, we will naturally keep an eye on weather and what's going on, but I think our players like it."

(on why players like it better in open air) "I tell you what, I've got the answer to a lot of things, but I don't know about that one. Maybe they smell better out there in open air. How about that?"

(on being outside for the first time in a long time here in Houston) "Well, you never worry about the heat for this football team when you get started with the season because you know you're going to close the roof. Then, all of the sudden, we've played some warm games – Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and at Jacksonville – and could very well have a few more here before that Texas fall sets in, so we'll see. Texas winter, I should say."

(on if he changes anything conditioning-wise for the team) "No. We're an outside practicing team. Our guys like the heat. They hate going inside, to be honest with you. That stuff is rough on their backs and stuff, the older players, so our guys would always much rather be out here regardless of the heat."
T Duane Brown

(on what coming home to play and if it's going to be special as the home opener) "Oh, yeah definitely. Going on that three-game stretch on the road, that's pretty tough for a young player. To finally be able to be at home and have the support of all of our fans, it makes it a little better for me."

{QUOTE}(on if playing at home can be the difference maker or do they still have to play an excellent game with the Colts) "Oh, definitely. When you're playing the Colts, they have great players at every aspect of the game, so no matter where we play, home or away, you have to play a great game to be able to come out with a win."

(on if he feels like the Texans can use ball control to their advantage) "Yeah, I think so. Coach (Alex) Gibbs and the coaching staff really have a good plan going for this game to be able to control the clock and run the ball more. They (Colts) have a great pass rush, so you really can't drop back on them every down or else they are going to make you pay for it sooner or later. So, we have a pretty good game plan going into it to be able to control the ball."

(on if he hopes to reach the milestone of 100 games like Chester Pitts) "Oh, yeah. It's a little too early to look that far ahead. I've got to make it through this season, but that's a great accomplishment, to be able to play a 100 games at this level. For me, being able to play three of them now, that's a great accomplishment. There's so many things that go into trying to make it through week to week. I'm happy for him."

(on if his teammates have talked to him about DE's Mathis and Freeney) "Oh, yeah. I knew about them when I was in college. When you think about headaches for a left tackle, you think about Dwight Freeney. He's fast. He has leverage and he's strong. He has everything that makes him a great pass rusher and you never really know what move he's going to do. So, my teammates have talked to me. Ephraim (Salaam) has tried to give me as many pointers as he can and I'm sure he'll show me some more things throughout the week to try to help me out for this week."

(on would he rather face speed or muscle) "Probably muscle. You have guys like (Dwight) Freeney who just come up field every play and he's so good at reading where your weight is. If your weights too far outside, he'll spin inside. If you're weight's too far inside, he'll dip and go outside. He can always use the bull rush, which people always underestimate. He's very strong. So, I've just got to have a great week of practice and try to prepare as best as I can for him."

(on G Chester Pitts saying that DE's Mathis and Freeney don't even worry about the run game and just go for sacks) "If you watch them on film, Indy is not too concerned with anything else but getting to the quarterback and I think they leave the responsibility of the run to the interior lineman and the linebackers. They just try to do everything they can to bring pressure to the quarterback and, like I said, we have a pretty good game plan going into it to try to beat that."

(on if he watched the Monday Night Football game this week) "Yeah. I did."

(on if he feels any better after watching the game to see that anyone can be vulnerable to those defenses) "Yeah, I mean it makes me feel a little better seeing other lineman go against them and have a little trouble with them. But, I can't really worry about that too much. I have a great battle coming up this Sunday. It's back to the same thing, great defenses that can fly around and bring a lot of pressure to the quarterback. That's still a game and it did help me out a lot though in preparation for a game like this."

(on if its going to be surreal to be out playing against the Colts) "I wouldn't say surreal. We've been out there with Dallas now, Pittsburg. I've seen big names out there. But those guys are superstars. They're celebrities away from football. They're bigger than life guys. So seeing those guys out there, it's going to be a great experience just being amongst them. It's going to be an honor for me."

K Kris Brown

(on if it matters to him if the roof is open) "It's irrelevant. We go to places throughout the year, especially late in the year, where it's open stadium and you deal with the elements there. Unfortunately, the elements are things that we can't control. You just focus on things that you can control and not worry about those situations. But here, when the roof is open, it's really not that big of a difference."

(on if he has pay attention to what the wind is doing) No, you really don't. It has to be something very extreme for it to play a factor. You just go out there and, again, focus on the things you have control over. Conditions are not something you can really control."

(on if this is about as a good a stretch as he's had) "Yeah, I'm just getting out on the field and doing my routine. I just feel good out there and I'm really just enjoying the moment. That's really something that's been the difference. Just get out there and enjoy playing the game and enjoy being out there and enjoy being able to go out there and help this team put points on the board and hopefully get a win."

(on if it was Houston Dynamo player Craig Waibel that pushed him to new heights) "This last month has been interesting. I actually forgot that I actually did the little demonstration with Craig. It seems like it was years ago that that happened. Again, it's just getting into your routine and getting into what you have to do when you step out on the field, and I feel like it's been good so far."

(on how he feels about being 1-11 against the Colts) "I certainly think it's frustrating. There's definitely a formula to playing these guys and I think we have to be cognitive of that this week when we're preparing. Just figuring out what's the formula the time that we beat them. What did we do that allowed us to have success against them? I think we need to go back and look at whatever that formula was and, certainly, I think that's been the case. Really if you look at the teams that have played well against them and beat them, I think most all the teams have that same formula. And that's something we're going to really have to pay attention to this week."

(on if the series history wears on you) "Well, I think that at some point you don't really think about those things. You get into the season and you're focused on week to week. In this business, you can't think about what's happened in the past, you can only think about what you're getting ready to do. I think if you use your time and energy to focus on what's going since you've been here the past year or three years or five years, then you're using your energy that's not beneficial to what you can do for Sunday. So I think it's important to think about what we need to do this week. Let's not worry about what's happened in the past. Let's think about what we need to do this week to play this game to give ourselves a chance to win a game on Sunday."

(on how special it is to play in his 100th game as a Texan) "I think that those types of things are irrelevant. You don't really think about that stuff. You don't think about how long you're going to play this game. You just get here and you focus on what you have to do week in and week out. Stuff like that, it's important, but right now it's not important. At some point, when it's all said and done and your career is over with, then you can look back on stuff like that. And then you can appreciate it. But right now, whether we're playing our 100th game or our 200th game really is insignificant. We've got to focus on what we have to do on Sunday."

TE Owen Daniels

(on playing tight end) "It's just fun. It's so much different stuff going on. It's banging with the big guys and then running with the ball after the catch like a receiver or running back. So, I love it. It's a great position."

(on if he has goals at tight end other than the team goals) "I don't think so. I don't think I've ever set a numerical goal for myself. I think last year I said I wanted to kind of be more consistent. That's what I want to do this year, and protect the ball. I think as the team gets more wins and as we get better as a team each position is recognized more. All the guys on our team will get recognized more if we get wins and become a playoff team. That's really the only goal that we're focused on - that I'm focused on.

(on what opened up for him last week in the passing game) "A combination of things. Matt (Schaub) definitely having more time; we did a lot better job of protecting him. We got caught in some third-down situations where they decided to play man coverage and we did a good job beating them - all the receivers, myself and Steve Slaton. So all that coming together helps contributes to success."

(on if it is a quicker defense this week) "Definitely. Not as big as the guys we've faced the past couple of weeks, but they are always moving - moving at the snap so we never know where they are going to end up. Usually when they start in a spot, they aren't going to end up in that same spot. Maybe you can say they are a little undersized, but they're very athletic and very fast."

(on if getting QB Matt Schaub time to throw again is key against the defense) "Definitely. That's a key every week. Those guys have been doing a good job for awhile and they're super quick and they've got those spin moves. So, it's another challenge for us."

(on if he feels the speed of the game is faster when they play against the Colts defense) "I think its how prepared you are. Maybe at first it's kind of a little bit of a shock just because the people on it aren't necessarily where you expected them to be or they weren't in the spot where you last saw them. But once you get a series into the game you kind of get used to it."

(on how tough it is to be 0-3 and going up against the Colts) "I'd say that's the worst case scenario to this point. We didn't want to be 0-3 right now. I don't think it really matters who we are playing; it's a tough game every weekend. But fortunately we get to play a divisional opponent, which we need to improve on and we need to get a win. So I think that's good motivation for us."

(on if the roof being open means anything to him) "I'd rather have it closed, but we've been playing in some heat the last couple of weeks so it shouldn't affect us too much I don't think."

CB DeMarcus Faggins

(on if not being able to beat the Colts is getting under his skin) "Oh, yeah. It bothers me. Of course, you know we've been here for so long, we just want to win. Of course it's going to get under my skin a little bit. But there's nothing we can do about it but on the field on Sundays."

(on if he tells some of the younger guys about how the Colts will attack you) "Of course, because they like to throw the ball. They use, I want to say, three receivers, so we have to have DB's out there that are going to be able to cover and make plays on the ball and kind of contain them and keep them from making big plays."

(on if Colts are going to do what they do regardless) "That's what they do. They don't come out and try to game plan anybody. They just come out and try to do what they know best, execute their plays. We just have to come in and execute our plays and make plays on the ball when the time comes."

(on the Colts having that core group together for so long) "They've been together for a long time. They've kind of developed a relationship where they know where to go, where to be at, what needs to be done to execute."

(on what's going on with the Colts offense this year) "I would say, just because they haven't been on the field as much as previous years. We just have to keep the offense off the field. If we can do that, then we can contain them and keep them from making explosive plays."

WR Andre Johnson

(on when he thinks of Indy what comes to mind) "A good football team, good at what they do, a very disciplined football team."

(on how the team has done against Indy in the past affects him) "We've only beat them one time. That pretty much explains itself. We just have to go out and try to get this win on Sunday."

(on if the slow starts are starting to get to him) "Yeah, it is. You only can go through so much, but it's still early in the season and you just have to keep fighting through it. But I think after a while, it kind of takes a toll on you. You just have to continue to go through it. It's not just me. I'm pretty sure it's with a lot of the guys around the locker room. I guess it just bothers me a little bit more because I've been going through it since I've been here. So, I just have to continue to work."

(on what it means to be back playing at home) "I think it's big to be back home and playing in front of our fans, to be playing here in the city after everything everyone has been through. So, hopefully we can go out and get a win on Sunday and uplift the city."

(on how pivotal is this game because if they lose it will bring the record to 0-4 and 0-3 in the division) "The game is very important. All of our division games are very important. We knew that coming into this season that we were going to play three division games really early in the season in our first five games. We knew that coming into the season. We knew how big those games were, and the first two that we've had, we haven't gone out and played to the best of our abilities. So hopefully in this one, we can do that on Sunday."

(on if the sense of urgency is there) "I think the sense of urgency is there. Guys know that we need to win. We know that we need to win around here. That just hasn't happened for us."

(on if it makes a difference to him whether the roof is going to be open or not) "It doesn't make a difference. You have to go out and play a football game. That's where the other team has to play at, so it really doesn't matter."

(on what he takes from the overtime loss last weekend) "Me, personally, I don't really think I can take anything from it. You lose a game, you lose a game. Yeah, you went out there and gave it your all. You probably played well, but this is a new team you're playing against. You can't take anything from last week and bring it on to this week. This is a new team and a new game."

(on what this team is not doing to get over the hump or what do they need) "Even if you look at the game Sunday, we needed one more play to be made to win that game, but we just didn't that play. So that's pretty much been the story week in and week out, not making enough plays or not executing on offense. So hopefully we can get that done Sunday."

(on what needs to be done to get him more involved or get more touches) "There's nothing I can do about that. That's not my call. That's out of my control. I just go out and play. I just go out and do what I can do to help the team win and that's what I'm going to continue."

(on him opening up the game for other players like WR Kevin Walter) "If that's how you guys feel about it. I just go out and play. All I care about is winning. Like you said, you can see the frustration. I'm tired of losing. I'm pretty sure everyone else around here is tired of losing. I just go out and play and try to help the team win. That's pretty much all I do. I'll just continue going out and doing what I can do to help this team win games."

(on what kind of mindset you bring psychologically into this game knowing this is a team that the Texans really haven't been able to beat but just once) "You really can't worry about all of that. All you can do is control what you can control and focus on the game on Sunday. You can't worry about the games that have happened in the past. We know that we've only beaten them one time. They know it. Everybody knows it. But, it's a new game on Sunday and we're going to go out and give it our best shot."

(on not being involved that much yet) "It's frustrating. You want to get involved in the game. You want to go out there and make plays. You just try to do your best when the ball is thrown to you. You know other guys go through it. Other guys on other teams go through it. It's part of the game. Like I said, I'm going to continue doing what I have to do to help the team win games."
G Chester Pitts

(on how did he stay healthy for 100 consecutive games) "I do my best to take care of my body. My number one trainer, Jon Ishop, he spends a lot of time with me. He takes care of me, keeps me on the field. I've just been blessed. I've been really lucky."

(on if it was the packing of all of the groceries that helped him) "That's what it was, all of the training, pushing all of those carts in, grabbing kegs and cleanups on aisle 13. Whatever it takes, it makes me better (laughs)."

(on if he thinks it helps not having the extra mileage of playing in high school) "I would have to say that it has helped to a certain degree. Just think about all of the nicks and bumps and ACL tears you hear about in high school ball, I missed all of that. I was nice and fresh when I started. So I guess everybody is just like a tire, only has so much tread. As you get older, it wears down. So I guess started later wearing it down."

(on if there is any one game that stands out to him over this time) "Well, of course, the Dallas game, the first one right out of the gate. That was big to get that W. Beating Indy for the first time ever in my life, that was really nice. We did that two years ago. The Denver game always, Thursday night game, that one stood out as well."

(on if in the next hundred he would like even more meaningful times) "Absolutely, I want to flip my record for the first one hundred games, just flip it around completely. That'd be good, sitting pretty (laughs)."

(on how is it to be 0-3) "It is what it is. I guess you can kind of say we were the ones that put ourselves in this position. They're a very good team, have one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now. We've got to go out there and just find a way to execute and keep him off the field, control the clock and just play good, hard-nosed, smart football."

(on if the offensive line takes any credit for QB Matt Schaub's play last week) "Matt (Schaub) played well because Matt played well. Sure, if I can take any kudos from it, so be it. When he doesn't play well, I have to take it too. It's a two-way street. It was nice to see him go out there. He stood strong in the pocket and made some really big throws and the receivers made big catches. Our job is to just give our playmakers the chance to make plays and as long as their doing that, they say we're doing our job."

(on DE Robert Mathis and DE Dwight Freeney) "Wow, fast. They don't even play the run. They are just going to get sacks and they'll catch the run on the way if they happen to be presented with that opportunity. Again, another big challenge this week. Relentless pass rush, it's one of those deals where you better find a way to keep this game balanced because if it becomes a one-sided game and all they are doing is pass rushing, they'll definitely make it rough on you."

(on what its like knowing that the roof is going to be open and if it's going to be any different) "For me, no. Hopefully, it's really hot and Indianapolis gets really tired early. The thing is that fans are going to get upset, so hopefully they'll get mad and upset and take it out on Indy (laughs)."

CB Jacques Reeves

(on if the Colts offense is less potent) "No, not really. They are still a high powered offense. Peyton is still doing his thing. Marvin and Reggie are still out at the wideouts. They're dangerous. They are a dangerous team so we'll have to come ready to play."

(on if playing against the Colts is a challenge he's looking forward to) "In this game, you have to look forward to challenges. You can't wish you could pass challenges up, that's setting yourself up for failure. So, of course, we as a team, we look forward to it."

(on WR Reggie Wayne being their go-to guy) "Yeah, but Marvin hasn't lost a step, at the same time. So, like I said, most of those guys are still dangerous. We just have to come ready to play."

(on if the Colts receivers make you have to be more physical with them at the line of scrimmage) "They don't like you to get your hands on them. Most receivers don't. It kind of bothers them a little bit. It throws their timing off. So, it would be nice if we could do that."

(on if he is surprised that the Colts are 1-2) "Yeah, actually I am. Like I said, they are a high-powered offense. I don't believe that they're in a slump. Eventually they are going to come together and be ready to play. We have to be ready to play also."

(on if he pays any attention to Peyton Manning's calls at the line scrimmage) "It just depends on the situation. I think you have to because sometimes he is giving a dummy call and sometimes he is changing the plays on us. So, you just have to be alert. You have to be aware of what's going on and what it is that you need to be doing."

(on what he is able to pick up on Peyton Manning's calls at the line of scrimmage) "He's been doing it for so long. One play he might come up and say a word that changes the play and two plays later he'll come up and say that same word and it's a dummy call. So, like I said, you just have to be on your toes and be aware of what's going on. Be aware of the situation."
QB Matt Schaub

(on how much the series history between the Colts and Texans matters) "It's irrelevant at this point. It's a new year, it's a new game week, a new season, new everything. So it's just a matter of approaching the game and getting your game plan down and playing smart sound football. The past is the past and the present is the present."

(on how much playing well last week can help this week) "It was good to get a lot of confidence going, especially offensively. We were able to some good things, moving the football, score points and we played a clean game. We can hang our hat on that, but still we lost the football game and it was a tough pill to swallow. But it's a new week and we have to refocus our energy on what it takes to beat the colts. We're back at home, which is nice but we just have to play another good football game mistake free and the rest will take care of itself."

(on how things could really spiral down if the team falls to 0-4) "We're trying not to think about that. We have to remain positive here. It's been a tough start for us, but we have to keep positive energy around here - stay together as a group and just keep going out there and battling and good things will happen to our team. We have a lot of great personalities and great guys in this locker room so if we can just stay together and keep plugging away, good things are going to turn around for our football team."

(on if time of possession is more important against the Colts than most teams) "I think it is. Obviously, you have to control the football, not turn it over, not have the mistakes that can get you beat. Their offense is so potent you have to control the ball, but with that you have to score points, too. So the times we do have, you have to take advantage of those opportunities however they come. Whether they are a 15-play drive or a one-play drive, if they end in points, we're going to be happy with it. But it is an important factor to control the ball."

(on if they have a sense of urgency) "We definitely have a sense of urgency. I thought we felt a great sense of urgency this past week in our preparation and going into the game. And it showed because we played our best football game of the season. We fell up one play shor,t but we had a great sense of urgency about our work ethic and our approach to last week. We just have to have the same approach and mindset this week."

(on what he saw differently with his numbers being so good and what did he learn from it) "We got a lot of confidence in our offensive football team. A lot of guys did a lot of good things and played well. We stepped up and made the plays that we hadn't made in the first two weeks. So we just need to continue to do that week in and week out to be a good football team."

(on how important it is to have a tight end like Owen Daniels in the offense) "It's huge for someone like him to be so versatile and work the middle of the field. He presents a lot of mismatches on safeties and linebackers when they are covering him. We like that matchup and he can make a lot of plays with the football once he gets it into his hands, as we've seen. So he adds another dimension to our attack which we need."

(on RB Steve Slaton going into his third start) "He's played tremendously well. A guy like him, the lights don't faze him. They go on and he plays better in that realm. He understands his role and you give him the football and he can make plays with it. That's just what we want to do is keep it simple for him so he can just go out and cut it loose and play the game."

(on the versatility that RB Steve Slaton brings to the offense) "He brings a lot of versatility. He's a guy that has great hands. He, like Owen Daniels, presents a lot of mismatches because he is on linebackers a lot of the time. It's hard for them to keep up with him and he can catch the ball with his hands and it doesn't slow him down. What he can do with it after the catch, it allows us to be that much more explosive on offense."

(on WR Andre Johnson being frustrated with losing and if he can empathize with that) "I definitely can. I know how hard he works and talking to him and Chester Pitts and Kris Brown and guys like that that have been here over the years, and the frustration that they've gone through. I can definitely empathize with that and what they've been able to do around here. It's just a matter of staying at work. We're a better football team with each week, but we need to turn those into wins. We fell a play short last week and we just need to keep working and keep plugging away, but I definitely understand where he's coming from."

(on how much the coverage Andre Johnson draws helps the rest of the team) "It helps out tremendously. When you think about it, when one guy can take two sets of eyes away from the rest of the field or even three - you have other guys working one-on-one and if they win, you can get some pretty good plays. We were able to see that on Sunday. So I think it definitely allowed other guys an opportunity to make some plays."

(on what you can do to get WR Andre Johnson more involved) "Well, you just stick with your plan. You don't want to be too creative and complex to where you put yourself behind the eight ball, in case that play call doesn't work. You just do what you do. If they want to take him away, then other guys are going to make plays. He understands that. I understand that; our offense understands that. For us to be successful, we need him in the mix. But if other guys step up like they did this last Sunday to make plays, then the next team down the road can't necessarily focus on Andre so much because they say, 'Hey, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels, Steve Slaton; they can all make plays too."

(on what it would mean to get the win this weekend) "It would be huge for us. Winning cures a lot of things. We're sitting at 0-3 right now, the past is the past and we just need to get over that hump and get that first one because that's all we can get. We can't automatically in one week get three wins and be .500. We have to take them one at a time and focus this week on what it's going to take to win."

(on the Colts' pass rush) "Well, it's a relentless group. They are very fast and quick. They aren't the biggest guys in the world, but I think that's an advantage for them because they are so small and slippery and they're fast. They present a lot challenges for us, but I think we're excited about meeting those challenges."

(on if his mindset is different knowing that you have four consecutive home games and the opponents record is 2-11) "Our mindset is no different than any other week. We are approaching this game the same way we would any other game. Obviously, this a little bit more sense of urgency this week, but we're excited to come back home. We'll have our home field advantage with our fans behind us. But we're not approaching this game any differently than we would any other game."

(on what it means to be able to play that first home game) "Its going to be exciting to come back home in front of our fans. We haven't felt the Reliant Stadium energy in, it seems like forever. But we're excited about playing in front of our fans."

(on his demeanor being the same as when people were wanting him to be benched) "I think it's a little bit of the way I am and it's a road I've been down before in my early college days. So I can just control one thing and that's my play, my preparation and how I carry myself. That's never going to change win, lose or draw. So that's just me and that's just how I am."

(on how hard that is to develop that mentality) "Well, it is hard. But it's something that over time and playing in enough games, you learn how to handle yourself and remain on the even keel that is necessary to handle the good and the bad in this business."

(on if he is surprised that Indianapolis is 1-2) "Well, I have seen all their games. It's a surprise because you know what they can do and what they are capable of. Obviously, they've had some injuries and some players nicked up and it seems like they are a little bit off timing-wise and certain things on their team. But they're a good football and we can't think, 'Hey they're a 1-2.' Because they are one or two plays from both of those losses being wins. They're still a tremendous football team in this league and they won the Super Bowl a few years ago, so they're still the same team the were."

(on the team being undefeated with the roof open under coach Kubiak) "Let's keep it going. Let's keep that undefeated streak going."

WR Kevin Walter

(on what is the key to the game against Indy) "Staying on the field, getting our defense off of the field and getting Peyton Manning off the field and staying and converting third downs and obviously scoring touchdowns. We need to continue to play well in the red zone like we did last week and stay on the field and convert third downs. I think that's the main thing."

(on how big it is to finally get to come home and play) "It's big. It's really big. It's exciting that we have four games in a row at home. It just feels more comfortable and we're excited for our fans. We're excited to be home and to play in front of our home crowd."

(on if it will be an emotional lift after what the city and the team has gone through after Hurricane Ike) "Definitely, no doubt about it. With the damage that we had here with the stadium and they were saying we weren't going to play all year and now we're playing right away our first home game. So, that's great. We're going to have the roof open. It's going to be loud and it's going to be a lot of fun."

(on if it was a relief to know that they would be playing at Reliant rather than somewhere else) "Definitely, it is a relief. You want to come out here. You feel comfortable in this stadium. You don't want to go anywhere else. Obviously, it's home field advantage when you have your fans here cheering and it's loud. It's definitely a relief."

(on if it is odd preparing for the Colts when they need a win just as badly as the Texans do) "Yeah, they're a great football team. They lost some of their games in close games, so it could have went the other way. They could be undefeated. They're a tough football team. We've got our work cut out for us, but we need a win. I think it's a must win. We've got to go out there and prove to our teammates this week that we're ready to be prepared. We will be prepared. We'll be ready to roll on Sunday."

(on if a win this week could be like a springboard to turn things around) "There's no doubt about it. We're taking it game by game. We've got four games at home and there's no reason why we shouldn't be 4-3, but obviously this week we're preparing for one game and we're excited to be at home."

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