Project F.I.N.E.

Project F.I.N.E. (Fitness Information and Nutrition Education)

Are you a Girl Scout or a Girl Scout leader for Girls 11-17 in Harris County? If so, you may have the opportunity to participate in an exciting new pilot project between Baylor College of Medicine and GSSJC called Project F.I.N.E.



Participation in this pilot project can help you and your troop meet requirements from many different interest projects including "From Fitness to Fashion," "Creative Cooking," "The Food Connection," and "Math, Maps, and More."


By signing up your troop for the pilot project, your name will be entered in a drawing for two Texans tickets!

The conclusion of the pilot project will also provide the participating troops opportunities to win prizes, including Houston Texans memorabilia and tickets to a Texan's football game, based on entries in a poster contest.


Activities will begin in November 2005 and end in May 2006. Following the initial pilot phase, the program may be available to Girl Scouts all over GSSJC. This study is made possible by a grant from General Mills.

Please contact Julie Deeter at 713-292-0203 or 800-392-4340 or for more information.


The fruit and vegetable module is ready to go! There are a variety of activities with this module and the key is to promote an increase in knowledge about the importance of fruits and vegetables and to encourage an increase in consumption.
One of the best ways to teach and reinforce this concept is the healthy plate activity. Stressing the plant-based plate is a gift that we can give to our girls that keeps on giving. This is the activity where you will use the paper plates sent to you at the beginning of the project. Once you are done, please return the plates along with the other items in the large envelope. Penny would also like to take pictures of your girls in action and will be contacting you about visiting you troop. Thank you for continued participation in PROJECT FINE!

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