Rookie diary: Keeping up with Jones


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Wide receiver Jacoby Jones is providing a weekly diary entry for to provide fans insight into his thoughts during his rookie season in the NFL.

*On Tuesday, we usually have appearances out in the community. A lot of times we just go to one place, but this Tuesday was pretty busy. In the morning, I went over to Academy for something called Shop with a Texan.

It was me and all the other rookies taking some kids around to get them some presents for the holidays. That was really great to be able to do something nice for the kids, especially around Christmas time.

I went straight from there down to The Methodist Hospital. Me, Kris Brown, DeMeco Ryans and Owen Daniels, we went to the hospital and did like a competition, us against the doctors. We were able to do the doctor stuff, they got to do the football stuff. It was like a bunch of little games like throwing a football around, and then we had to get dressed in a doctor's uniform and try to perform a surgery on a little thing, so it was fun.

We went around and saw some of the patients, too, signing autographs and just visiting. I like doing stuff like that, especially going to the hospital, brightening up somebody's day.

I think because we're rookies we get asked to go to more of these events, but it doesn't bother me. I don't even keep up with it, really. Whenever they ask me to do it, I just do it, and whatever they ask me to do, I'll do it.

As for our team and this game coming up, as you all probably know we've got Sage back there for us this week again. What's good about that is we've still all got the same timing. Matt's a good quarterback as well, but mostly I feel like I've got the same timing with Sage from preseason, working hard in practice together and doing individual routes.

There's no difference in the huddle either. Sage still brings the great leadership like Matt did and gets us going. Basically, we're on the same beat, same tempo. Sage comes in there and picks the beat up right away.

My shoulder feels good. I'm just trying to work hard in practice, make some good decisions, stay focused on the next game. That last game was hard, but I'm going to have amnesia about it. The game's gone and over, so I'm just going to work hard for this week and get ready for Tampa Bay.

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