Rookie diary: Trindon Holliday


Rookie receiver/return man Trindon Holliday and the Texans wrapped up their Mini-camp on Wednesday in Houston.


Rookie kick returner Trindon Holliday was drafted in the sixth round (197th overall) out of LSU. He will chronicle his rookie season with the Texans in regular diary entries for*

With the end of mini-camp and OTAs, the first major part of our offseason is done. I feel pretty good about everything so far. I think I've made a whole lot of progress since day one. I came out here just to try to learn the offense, just to try to get on the field with the veterans.

Time has really flown by. The days have come and the days have gone, but since being here I think we've gotten things accomplished and some good things worked on. The schedule now is we have a month to get in 12 workouts to get ready to go for training camp. So it's kind of laid back, but I'll still have my mind set on football but also working out.

I'm looking forward to relaxing, but like I said, the main focus for me is that I'm going to still stay in my playbook and keep myself refreshed on the things I have to do. Every day I get home from the stadium, I take a nap and spend like an hour-and-a-half to two hours just reading the playbook. It's starting to set in now to where I'm just going out on the field and executing. I've got the formations down and I've gotten where to go, how to do it, so I've just got to go execute when it's my turn.

This last week of mini-camp was very helpful for getting to learn more and getting more reps. You got a chance to showcase to the coaches what you're capable of doing, so when the veterans get back out there you'll be able to compete. I got a lot more reps at wide receiver, which I think will pay off when training camp comes around.

The meetings were longer, too, so we got to sit in with the position coaches and ask different questions about different plays where we didn't know what was going on. I felt more comfortable without the veterans in there. You don't necessarily try to impress the veterans when they're in the meetings, but you try to stay on top of things and keep up with them because the veterans already know what's going on. When they're not in there, you're just asking more and more questions to try to get more familiar with the concepts.

This might be my last rookie diary for a while, so I can't go without discussing the heat and humidity. Even in Louisiana, it doesn't get as hot and humid as it is out here. Coming out and realizing how hot it was for the first couple of days of OTAs and then realizing, well, the summer really hasn't come in yet, I'm looking forward to a long, hot summer.

One good thing about practice being done is that I think I'll be able to see my daughter, Trinity, a lot more since practice is over with. This weekend I'm going to try to get them to come down from Louisiana spend some time with me. It's been very tough to be away from my little girl for so long. She just turned six months yesterday morning, so I've been away from her for like a month, so it's been kind of difficult on and off without being with her. It'll be very nice to spend a little time with her now in the next few weeks.


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