Texans host "Dream Job" seminar


Texans director of public relations, Kevin Cooper, spoke to participants in the Dream Job seminar about getting a job in the NFL.

The world of professional sports seems like a distant reality for many young people embarking on their careers. They wonder what jobs are available to them and how they can break into an elite organization like an NFL franchise.

The Houston Texans provided the answers through their Dream Job seminar on Saturday, Oct. 11 at Reliant Stadium.

Participants in the program listened to prominent members of the Texans staff talk about how they landed their jobs with the team and what it took to get there. Most panelists emphasized the importance of taking internships with NFL teams as the best way to get a foot in the door.

"I took internships with TV stations and did what I could do to get experience and meet people," said Scott MacKerron, Director of Production and Entertainment. "That is the big key, networking. Don't be afraid to get in there and introduce yourself."

Speakers discussed the work ethic and commitment of excellence required to succeed in the NFL.

"This is an industry of people who want to be here," said Kevin Cooper, Director of Public Relations. "The word passion has been said often throughout today's presentation, but passion describes who we are and what we do in this organization. We have a very high shield of an NFL organization that we have to uphold. We have to do that on a daily basis. But that's something we take pride in doing."

{QUOTE}The participants, who received a tour of the stadium, said they had learned some valuable lessons about applying for jobs in the NFL.

"Basically, what everyone stressed was networking and internships," said Fabin Munoz, who is a communications major hoping to work in public relations. "Most likely, you're not going to get paid and you may have to go through your trials and tribulations and tough times. But overall, they were generally positive and had a genuine passion for what they are doing in the Texans organization and in the NFL."

They also were excited about the connections they had made during the event.

"One thing I take from this is that I got to hear from the people who actually do it," Brandon White said. "It's one thing to read about it or hear people talk about it, but it's really good to hear from and meet the people who are actually in the business and are doing well and successful."

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