Texans host High School Player Development Camp


The Texans practice facility may have hosted a future NFL Hall of Famer last week.

On May 1-3, 100 Houston-area high school football players congregated at the Houston Methodist Training Center for the NFL's High School Player Development Program. The program addresses the challenges facing high school programs across the country, primarily in underserved communities.

The three day event provided participants with an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through two hours of character development and concussion training, and another eight hours learning fundamentals of basic football.

"The program has really been good for us in HISD because a lot of our coaches are understaffed," said Madison High School Coach Pat Reinecke. "We've got a lot of schools that aren't able to have spring football, so it's a way for those kids to get back in that mode of football. Kids can never get enough of that."

Having been a part of HSPD for the past 14 years, Reinecke says helping students gain knowledge both on and off the field is personally rewarding.

"I love it. A lot of kids pay money to go to camps like this and a lot of our kids don't have it. Here's an opportunity to bring the camp to them in their town, in their district, same thing that people pay $300 for. We're not high named coaches, but we're teaching you the same thing and we're giving it to you for free."

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