Texans Quotes: November 30

Head Coach Bill O'Brien
(opening statement) "It was a good win for us yesterday. This team is playing good team football right now. That's the key. That's the key. You have to turn the page quickly now because we got a big challenge here ahead of us up in Buffalo, a very good football team with very, very good units in all three phases. We're turning the page. We're on to Buffalo. Just as far as injuries in yesterday's game, I don't think there were really any significant injuries to speak about. With that, I'll open it up to questions."

(on RB Akeem Hunt) "He's a smart guy so he came in here and he was able to pick up the system pretty quickly while he was on the practice squad. Then we promoted him a couple weeks ago. He's got some speed. Whether that applies to Buffalo or not, we'll have to see here. We just started grinding out on Buffalo here this morning. But he did, in yesterday's game, he definitely had a couple nice plays."

(on how he keeps the players focused on Buffalo while people are talking about the playoff picture) "Well, the playoffs don't start today. So that would be my first answer to that. The playoffs start in six weeks. I mean, we're not even – these guys, I believe that they're very focused. When they come into work on Wednesday, I would say that the majority of them will already have studied the first and second down Buffalo offense, defense, and then if they're a core special teams guy for us, they will have already watched film on Buffalo's special teams. Our guys are focused. That's the way it has to be. Playoffs, this, that, the other, I mean, there's nothing that we can do about that now other than focusing on Buffalo."

(on what Mondays are like for coaches and players) "I think it's pretty interesting with these players. You give them Monday off and then they would have Tuesday off anyways. But you give them Monday off, they're all in here. I think they just like the fact that they don't have to adhere to a structured schedule. They like a little freedom. As coaches, we get right to work on Buffalo last night, really. We may take a little break there, but we all have the video on our Surfaces or our iPads or whatever. We're moving on to Buffalo as soon as we watch and review the New Orleans game, we're moving on to Buffalo."

(on the Bills defense and their ability to get after quarterbacks) "Yeah, they've been hitting quarterbacks for a long time with (Bills Head) Coach (Rex) Ryan's defense. They're a really good defense. Every game is different, very creative. You have to understand that you're going to see something in this game, or some things in this game that you haven't seen on film and you have to be prepared for that in the fact that you have to let your rules take precedent there. Make sure that the guys understand the communication and how we want to block the different fronts and looks that they're going to give us. It's a very challenging defense to get ready for."

(on the Texans tight ends) "I think getting Ryan Griffin back has helped us. He's done a good job of coming in here, especially in the passing game. I think he's got to continue to work on the blocking aspect of things, but he's getting better in the passing game. And I think C.J. Fiedorowicz has really worked hard to get better. Then we put Kendall Lamm in there, I think, 16 times yesterday. That helps us, primarily with blocking. We're not really looking forward to seeing Kendall in pass routes any time soon. But I think it's definitely an improved position. It has to continue that way. That's a position that can really be an important part of your offense, as long as they're playing well."

(on his thoughts about playing the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football in Week 14) "Absolutely no thoughts whatsoever. I have no thoughts on that at all. Everything is about Buffalo."

(on what he likes best about the way the defense has played during the win streak) "That's a great question. I would say the best thing about the way that they're playing is they're playing together. Everybody is out there communicating really well, for the most part. They've given up some plays here and there, but they're holding each other to a high standard as far as the communication goes and everybody is doing their job. I mean, everybody is really honing in on what their job is and doing their job. I think when that happens and you've got some good defenders out there, then you're really able to play good defense. So the preparation, everybody communicating, doing their job is something that I've liked to see."

(on if he noticed a shift in the players' mentality after the Miami game) "I mean, that's probably a better question for them. It's probably a better question for them. I would say that everybody in that locker room at halftime of that game was pretty upset, coaches and players alike, no matter what side of the ball you were on. Obviously we didn't win that game, but I think when we went out in the second half of that game, we played a little bit better. Of course, Miami took their foot off the pedal a little bit there, but we played a little bit better. So I think that helped us. As far as what they felt about that, that's probably more of a question for them."

(on if Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan's philosophy on offense has changed throughout the years) "That's another interesting question. I think it has just depended on the personnel that he has had, whether it was in New York or here in Buffalo. Here in Buffalo with LeSean McCoy, he is a big part of what they are doing. He is a great back, great space back. He can run inside the tackles. He can do it all. He's a pass catcher, he can do it all. Sammy Watkins on the outside, the Clay kid (Charles Clay) at tight end is playing real well and they're tough up front. They have a big offensive line that is very physical, so it's a big challenge and then Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod Taylor is playing really well on third down, he is playing really well on situational football, so I think it all has to do with who his personnel is and that is how he devises that offense."

(on what he liked about the play of QB Brian Hoyer yesterday) "I think he started the game well, I liked that. I think he was poised, he kept his poise pretty well. I felt like, for the most part, he got us in the right plays, he was able to convert on the majority of third downs, which was good. I think some guys made some really good catches for him, some good plays for him, which was good to see. For the most part, he made good decisions with the ball. There's always like 10 to 12 plays that all of us, coaches and players alike, can get better at and when he comes back on Wednesday, we are going to sit down and say 'Hey look, let's try to improve these plays right here' and if we do that, then we got something, then now we are cooking."

(on QB Brian Hoyer's interception) "He can't do that. He knows that. He held the ball a little bit too long there and tried to make a play and you never want to throw late down the middle of the field like that. That is something that you never want to do and he knows that. He wishes he could have that one back."

(on what the team needed to do better to play more consistent in the second quarter of yesterday's game) "I think it was just two groups of people coming together and how we want to attack that, coaches and players alike, so anytime we don't play well, I would say that as coaches, led by me, we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what we are doing in the second quarter of some of these games. It hasn't been great on offense and I think that we have to adjust a little bit earlier than halftime, which we usually do and sometimes we have done a good job of that, but yesterday we needed to make some adjustments a little bit earlier."

(on the comparison of Bills QB Tyrod Taylor to Steelers QB Michael Vick) "I try not to get into too many of those comparisons, but I know the definite comparison is Virginia Tech, that's for sure. He's definitely a guy that is, first and foremost, he is throwing the ball really well. He can throw the ball accurately. He is a good play-action quarterback. He has been good on third down, but then he has that escapability where he can get outside of the pocket and he makes a lot of plays doing that so he is a dangerous guy and it is very hard, it's very difficult to keep him in the pocket because of his athleticism. He is a bright guy. You can tell he has really good control of his offense, so it's a big challenge for us."

(on the key differences as a coach from dealing with NFL players versus college players) "In the NFL, you are dealing with, for the most part, grown men. You are dealing with guys, we have guys on this team that are 30 years old or older. We have guys on this team that are 25 years old or older. We have got some rookies on this team, but even, you use Kevin Johnson as an example, that guy is a very mature guy for a rookie. You are dealing with guys who are getting paid to do their jobs, they are not going to class from 8 a.m. 'til 2 o'clock. Their class is right here, whether it's in the weight room or the film room or the meeting room with us and then out on the practice field. It's a totally different dynamic dealing with pro players than it is dealing with college players."

(on how that changes his approach in how he interacts with players) "I don't know. I think I am who I am. I think in pro football you have a lot more time to teach them football, so you are able to sit there and have a good team meeting early in the morning and then break up into special teams and O&D and you spend a lot of time on football whereas in college where you might have a 45-minute meeting in the afternoon because they have to get to the practice field, then dinner, then study hall. It's a totally different deal, you can't do as much, but I think as far as my approach to communicating with the players, I think every person is different and I try to communicate with all the players as much as I can, that's difficult to do, there are 63 of them, but I try to, I really do. I try to check in with all of them at least once a week, I try to do that."

(on CB Kareem Jackson) "I thought he played well, I really did. I think holding him out that previous week probably helped him, a little bit fresher, not as sore, and made a big, big play for us on that interception. He made a big play on the slip screen there, where he tackled the guy for a two-yard loss. He is a tough kid, he tackles well and I thought he played well."

(on the defense taking the next step even after playing well) "I think on Wednesday, when we meet on Wednesday, how good do they want to be? You have to challenge them. Is that good enough? There were still some plays that we gave up and look, they played a heck of a football game, don't get me wrong, we are very pleased with how the defense is playing, but you can never be satisfied. As soon as you, and I can't stress this enough, like I tried to after the game, as soon as you get satisfied or you are resting on your laurels of whatever it may be, you are going to get beat. I mean this league is a very, very tough, tough league with great coaches and great players and this is a road game in Buffalo and I don't even know how many of these guys have ever even played in Buffalo, but it is brutal. Their crowd is awesome and it is very, very difficult to go up there on the road and try to win a game, so our guys need to be real focused on that."

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