Texans-Titans post-game quotes

*Texans Head Coach Dom Capers *

(opening statement) "Today was one of the most disappointing losses I have ever been a part of. We knew we would get Tennessee's best shot. They're a talented team. I thought if we went out and tried hard it would be very similar to the last five games that we've played in this stadium and it worked out that way. It's now six games here that have gone down to the last play of the game. Unfortunately they made the plays in the two-minute situation. There at the end we had them fourth and ten and I give them credit. They made the play that it took to win the football game. It's disappointing as a coach because of the way the guys fought. It's extremely frustrating. It's another tough loss for us. One thing that I do know is I know the guys down there in that locker room. I know how they feel right now. They're all hurting because they gave their heart and soul fighting out there. When you go through situations like this there's not much you can say to make you feel any better. If you handle it the right way it challenges your character. It all depends on how you respond. You pick yourself up and come back. There's no question in my mind our guys will do that."

(on Tennessee's game winning drive) "They executed and moved the ball down the field. We did a three-man rush and couldn't get much pressure on him. Then we went to a four and five man rush. You do what you have to do to try to get more pressure. Then you have to cover up the field. Steve McNair is a veteran quarterback and a courageous guy. To put him in that situation, you just don't want to have him in that situation. He does a great job throwing the deep ball as you saw on the last play. He put the ball right on the money."

(on penalties) "Our problems offensively for us in the first half we had a couple penalties. It's hard to put a good drive together against a good defensive team when you have penalties that set you back and put you in long yardage situations. We knew going in that Tennessee was the number one defense in the NFL on third down. If you get in third and long situations you're going to be hard pressed to convert any of them."

(on coming back to take the lead) "I've been around this group of guys long enough and don't count us out because our guys will compete and fight right down to the end."

*Texans FS Marlon McCree *

(on his interception) "The coaches call the perfect call. We doubled on their best receiver, which is Mason. I played outside, and we knew that was their best guy, their pro bowl receiver. I sat right in the passing lane and he never saw me."

(on his touchdown run) "I didn't want to have the ball stripped so I put the ball in my left hand. I didn't know if I was going to make it or not, but I thank God I did."

(on the stadium atmosphere) "This stadium was amazing. It was a playoff atmosphere. I can't wait until this team starts winning and gives the fans something to be proud of. It's a lot of fun when fans stand behind you like they did today."

*Texans C Steve McKinney *

(general comments) "This is one that everybody in this locker room really wanted and really needed. This is definitely one of those games to get us over the hump and send us into the offseason really feeling good about ourselves. I don't think we will be too down on ourselves. We played hard and were one play away. It's frustrating and everyone in this locker room is frustrated but we played well and we fought hard and we got back in it and had a chance to win the game."

(on David Carr's performance) "The last couple of games we've had trouble scoring points but today, especially in the second half, we were able to get it going. We were able to build some confidence and we went down and scored the final touchdown. Unfortunately, they came back and did the same."

*Texans CB Marcus Coleman *

(on the last play) "He just made the play and I didn't. It's not like you aren't going to get beat. Some of the greatest players in the game get beat on last second plays."

(on the loss) "We fought hard today. It is frustrating that we didn't come out on top today, but we just have to come back next week and try to finish up strong and battle it out."

*Texans CB Demarcus Faggins *

(on Marcus Coleman) "I have a lot of respect for him because he is a great player. Sometimes you're able to make plays and sometimes you're not."

*Texans RB Domanick Davis *

(on the emotions after the game) "Coming this close to winning the game and then on the last play they make a play. It's a terrible feeling."

(on the crowd atmosphere) "The fans were great. It was loud."

(on Carr returning to the lineup) "We feel real comfortable with David. He relaxes everybody and talks to everybody. He goes out and tries to make things happen."

(on the go-ahead touchdown) "It was crunch time and I had to make something happen. After that fumble I had to redeem myself and I felt it was the perfect time. The gave me the ball and I put it in."

(on closing out his rookie season) "I'm going to try and finish on a good note. I'm going to do what I've been doing. Keep working hard in practice and continue to try and make plays happen."

*Texans WR Andre Johnson *

(on the frustration from last week) "I just put last week behind me and didn't worry about it. I knew I had another game to make up for it. I just came out today and tried to make some plays. They just made a play in the clutch"

(on the return of Carr) "When we have David back, things tend to run smoother. It was great to have him back out there."

*Texans LB Jay Foreman *

(on the team's performance) "They scored the first touchdown but we matched up ourselves and everything went exactly as planned after that. They took advantage of our mistakes and they are a very good team and we were out-executed at times. We played well 90 to 92 percent of the time but the other eight percent they really took advantage of us and we fell off and came up short."

(on the defensive performance) "We definitely felt well. The defense played well all day except for the two bad drives. He (Steve McNair) threw it up and the next thing you know the guy caught it. We need to start putting people away and this is one of those games where you can't describe it."

(on where this loss ranks) "They are all the same. You can't say one loss ranks harder than the other. Anytime you lose when you know you've outplayed a team, it's hard to take because you felt like you worked hard all week and played the whole game for nothing. Things are a lot better than they were last year but we had high expectations and we didn't live up to them."

*Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher *

(on the Titans' preparation) "Last night in our team meeting we were talking about the success that the Texans have had recently here at home. This has become a very tough place to play, losing in overtime to New England and losing by five points to the Jets. We couldn't just come out here and play; we had to do some special things and challenged them last night to have a defensive score and to have 150 yards rushing. There were some big plays on special teams and that was the difference in the ballgame."

(on the impact of today's win) "This was a huge win for us. It was kind of how we expected to win this game because of the way the Texans have been playing. Now we just have to wait until tonight to see what happens."

(on Samari Rolle's performance) "Samari had some difficulty because he was cramping, so he went and got an I.V. and then he came back. His interception and then a fumble recovery for a touchdown were big. He had a great game."

(on Andre Johnson's performance) "Andre Johnson is about 50 percent of their total offense when he's on the field, and that says a lot about his potential. He is a big-play guy, and he showed what he can do right there at the end. He's very dangerous after the catch because he's difficult to get down."

         the final touchdown play) "The play we went with had two options.
         The front side of the play had a quick transition to pick up at
         least 10 yards. The back side of the play was to get it to Drew
         (Bennett), and we got a good match up on him."</span>

*Titans RE Jevon Kearse *

(The effects of the Pro Bowl on the games outcome) "It motivated us because we felt (Samari) Rolle and Kevin Carter should have made it, so we said 'we are going to show them on the field.' Once it is over with (the Texans' game), we are going to show them who belongs in the Pro Bowl. His (Rolle) play was something we needed for our defense to get turnovers and get our offense going. He (Rolle) was fabulous. He played great. It is good as a team to make big hits, great plays and win."

(On Steve McNair's performance) "It was amazing to see him dress up and play. I don't think we could have done it without him. Steve being on the field was the difference in the entire game."

(On the Texans' performance) "They had a great game plan, and Carr came to play. They have a great running back in (Domanick) Davis to complement the quarterback. They came out like it was a playoff game. They wanted to win really bad, but we wanted to win just a little bit more."

*Titans LB Keith Bulluck *

(on David Carr's Return) "I told him he was not going to finish the game. At the end of the game, I told him he had heart and I enjoyed playing against him. He's going to be a winner in this league."

(on improving as a team) "We have to get that killer attitude back. Any team we play against in the playoffs, we have to put both hands around their throats, just choke them out. Don't let them breath. That's how it has to be."

*Titans QB Steve McNair *

(on 4 th down pass to Drew Bennett) "We were trying to run that play all day and we were successful on it once or twice. They were giving us a lot of cover one which was something that we didn't expect especially when you're trying to score in a two-minute drive. We took advantage of it and I just told Drew to run a post. Drew did an excellent job of blocking the defender off and catching the ball."

(on final scoring drive) "In a position like that you envision yourself scoring touchdowns before you even get out there. That's what we did and that is when we play our best. We went out there with a lot of the confidence to get the job done. All that we had to do is take one play at a time. Just concentrate on each play and that is what we did."

(on knowing that he was playing) "I was doing my normal routine before the game and it started to get looser and looser and I felt pretty good about it. Did it affect me? Yes. I just need some rest. My legs weren't the same. I started off a little rusty, but that's going to happen. I haven't practiced in two weeks. As the game went on, I made some pretty good throws and the guys make some pretty good catches and that kept us in the ball game. That interception was totally my fault. I had no business throwing over there with that safety hanging down. After that we slowed it down. Going into that drive we knew that we could score. Don't get me wrong, they have a great defense and this is becoming one tough place to play because they have great talent, but we fortunately came out with this win and now we have to move on."

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