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Everyone gets a song stuck in their head, right? Just when you think you've erased it from your brain, something triggers it all over again.

This week, Drake launched the video for his latest single, "Hotline Bling." It's being played everywhere, and it seems everyone I hear is humming this ridiculously catchy chorus.

So the video is mostly just Drake and his funky dance moves in colorful cubes, but the simplicity of it has made it a blank canvas for the meme-makers of the world.

What does this have to do with Week In Review?

On Sunday, DeAndre Hopkins caught a pass next to his helmet Sunday. His little sister nicknamed the catch "Hotline Bling."

Our video wizard Jay McDevitt thinks it should be called the "Hopline Bling." Not to be left out of the meme wars, Jay came up with his own masterpiece.

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On Tuesday, at the Verizon Players show, we played Cup O' Questions with Cecil Shorts III. One of the questions was, "What song have you been listening to on repeat these days?"

Cecil's answer?

You guessed it.

On a side note, Nate Washington found some amazing cover of it already and has been listening to that on his phone, according to Shorts.

By Thursday, even Marc Vandermeer (who thinks no good music has been created since 1974) asked me what "Hotline Bling" was.

Who else's hotline was blinging this week?

Charles James II.

He received a call that the Houston Texans wanted him back. James a.k.a. "Happy Socks" says Houston is home because that's where he's gotten the most love. He's also got a plan to come out with a new sock line.

Guess who's not listening to Drake?

Shane Lechler and his old roomie from Texas A&M, Dan Campbell, as in Dan Campbell the Dolphins interim head coach. Shane loves his country while Coach Campbell earned himself the nickname "Dantallica" because of his love of Metallica. But it was Lechler who had the last laugh as he got to dine with Metallica's James Hetfield and he didn't bring along buddy Dantallica.

"I was with Robert Gallery, the lineman from Iowa who was with us in Oakland, he has a house in Tahoe and so does Hetfield and he came over for dinner and got to meet him and hang out with him and his family," Lechler said. "Dan still won't talk to me too much about that. That's funny."

You know what else is funny?

I bet you thought I'd let you walk away without this stuck in your head.

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You're welcome!

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