The Harris Hurry Up: Day 3 of #TexansCamp

First day in pads is always the best day for any football player and no matter the level of football, that joy comes to the forefront. With that in mind, here's the Harris Hurry-up from the Texans first day in pads.

-- What I really loved was that the squad didn't have to manufacture a ton of intensity with Oklahoma drill or something of the sort. They brought the juice to each and every drill as they have throughout the first two days.

-- I mentioned guard Zach Fulton's strength after day one of Training camp and it was evident again today. He doesn't get moved backwards at all, no matter who he's locked on, and regularly gets movement in the run game.

-- Offensive lineman Chad Slade has played tackle through much of camp and he was solid in pass rush one-on-ones on the reps I observed. One rep, in particular, he had pristine, perfect technique to thwart an outside linebacker's rush.

-- Running back Terry Swanson had a "Welcome to the NFL" type moment when he stood firm on pass protection against linebacker Brian Peters. Swanson ended up on his wallet in a quick second, unfortunately for the rook.

-- Tight end Matt Lengel shined during OTAs in large part due to his pass catching, but his super-power, if you will, is his in-line blocking. It was clear to see why today in one-on-one blocking against the outside linebackers. Lengel was the only tight end to truly give that entire group any issues.

-- But, he also flashed the hands we saw in OTAs/minicamp as he caught a laser from Joe Webb for a touchdown on the last play of a red zone 11-on-11 drill.

-- I would not want to be a cover guy in one-on-ones against rookie receiver Keke Coutee. He'll lose a cover guy in a quick minute. He flashed his explosiveness throughout the day in a myriad of ways.

-- Tackle Seantrel Henderson facing J.J. Watt will do wonders for the hulking offensive lineman. Henderson's power was highly evident when matched up against Watt and company in one-on-one run blocking drills.

-- Rookie safety Justin Reid came up with a pass breakup while covering tight end Stephen Anderson during one-on-ones.

-- Running back Troymaine Pope is so quick to, and through, holes, but perhaps even more so when he's running routes against linebackers. I haven't seen many, if any, linebackers that can match him step for step.

-- DeAndre Hopkins made another brilliant catch that created a little controversy on the Twitters (catch/no catch kind of thing). But, there was no controversy when he caught a sublime bomb from Deshaun Watson. Had to be a 60+ yard throw in the air on a freaking dime.

  • -- The offensive linemen worked on a run block drill with the defensive linemen early in practice. On one rep, I heard the defensive line cheering loudly and going nuts as Christian Covington beat a double team and won the rep handily. So good to see Cov back after the injury he sustained in Seattle last season.

-- A guy that consistently has stood out, being in proper position and getting his hands on plenty of passes is safety Corey Moore. On all three days, I've seen him make at least one impact play for the defense and today it was on a deep crossing route that should've been open. Moore read his keys perfectly, though, and nearly made the interception.

-- On one inside play, DJ Dunny, aka defensive lineman Brandon Dunn, made a tackle by striking an offensive lineman back into the quarterback. The force of that blow caused the guard to step on Brandon Weeden's foot and Weeden fell to the ground to end the play.

-- Cornerback Dee Virgin stays after practice every day to work on his technique and today that paid off with an excellent pass breakup during team drills.

-- Running back Lamar Miller confirmed what I thought after seeing him the first day at the Greenbrier: lighter/quicker. That seems to really be evident in all that's done thus far. He's slippery and explosive in every facet of his game.

-- The knock on receiver Sammie Coates was his ability to catch the ball consistently, but he's made catch after catch in all of his drills. He had two out route catches during 11-on-11 on the same drive and caught the ball well all day.

-- Cornerback Aaron Colvin came up with an outstanding pass breakup on a throw to receiver Keke Coutee up the sideline. It didn't appear from my angle as if Colvin had a chance but he closed on the ball and knocked it down.

-- Fellow cornerback Kevin Johnson made a pick, probably the easiest one he's ever had, on a ball that floated down to him during 11-on-11 drills. Linebacker Brian Peters read the play perfectly and presented pressure in the quarterback's face, which then resulted in the pick.

Sunday is the team's last day before an off day on Monday so I'll have more of the Hurry-up manana.

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