The Leftovers: Injury updates, Rest and Deshaun Watson

Drew Dougherty has been the host of Texans TV since 2009. He answered a few fan questions submitted via Facebook in the video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below.

Houston Texans: Dear Drew, How do you get over jetlag? Asking for a friend.

DD: What's your angle, here, Houston Texans? I feel like someone's mocking me. Anywho, I tore a page from Arnold Schwarzenegger's book, and dealt with it this way: after we arrived at our hotel in London, I changed, went downstairs to the gym, and got a good quick pump in. Worked out for about a half hour, with some light cardio and weights. Showered and shaved afterwards, and then I hit the streets and we shot some videos for social content. Slept like a baby that night.

Dan Flores: Dear Drew, How big is this game versus Baltimore gonna be? Do you think having a QB like Deshaun Watson will help the defense prepare for Lamar Jackson?

DD: It's really big. They're ahead of you in the AFC, and you need to stack wins the rest of the way to ensure a bye in the playoffs. Knocking them off would be helpful with all that in mind. Watson and Jackson are both dynamic talents, but they're very different and they both play in very different schemes.It doesn't hurt the Texans defense to practice against Watson, but I'm not sure it's a really big advantage, either.

Khristopher Green: Dear Drew, What is going on on that computer monitor? Is that a video game?

DD: Nope. Last week, it was a YouTube video of dudes on motorcycles trying to climb a really steep, rocky hill. This week, it's a toucan staring at a traffic camera.

Ryan Riffel: Dear Drew, With as many injuries we had this year and pulling people off the street, what's the process of getting players ready to start?

DD: It's a pretty involved one. The player typically learns the week's gameplan, rather than the entire playbook. As the weeks progress, they immerse themselves in the playbook on a gradual basis. To the credit of the team leadership, and new players like Gareon Conley, Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills and so on, both sides have done commendable jobs being ready in very limited periods of time.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, what are your plans for the bye week?
DD: I'll probably do some sleeping and stuff.

Dennis Baptist: Dear Drew, What did you think of the overall London experience?

DD: I loved it. Fortunately, I was able to go over early. Along with team videographer Tyler Suddarth, I was there Tuesday morning. We shot a lot of content for our shows 'Texans Extra Points' and 'Texans Buzz'. We saw a lot of historical sites and had a fun time. I wrote a little about it here.

Brandon McLaughlin: Dear Drew, Do you see us picking up Muhammad Wilkerson? Since he is still a free agent and we lost J.J. Watt for the season.

DD: While it wouldn't stun me, I don't see it happening. Based on price, fit, etc, I think the Texans will likely roll with the guys they currently have.

Craigie Robbo: Dear Drew, Do you think we will bring Bradley Roby back next season?

DD: It sure makes sense, doesn't it? He's been terrific this year, and the Texans are hopeful he'll be back from injury after the bye. Roby's been a key piece of the Texans defense.

Enrique Areola: Dear Drew, Do you know if Tunsil and Tashaun Gipson will be back after the bye for the Ravens game?

DD: It sounds like they'll be back. Head coach Bill O'Brien said Tuesday that those two were trending in the right direction, health-wise.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, What was your favorite moment from the London trip?

DD: On the field, it was awesome seeing the DeAndre Hopkins touchdown catch at the end. The Texans were thoroughly in control, and it was a cherry-on-top type of moment for the week. Off the field, I had a lot of fun seeing the sights and being in such a historic place. I particularly enjoyed the Victoria Tower.

Mike Winston: Dear Drew, Will be a major change in the offensive and defensive lines as far as who will be positioned and starter positions?

DD: I doubt it, Mike. I think once Tunsil is back from injury, you'll likely see him back at left tackle, with Max Scharping next to him at left guard, with Nick Martin at center, Zach Fulton at right guard and Tytus Howard at right tackle. The defensive line rotation will likely stay the same as well. This is all, of course, barring injury.

Roman Belmarez: Dear Drew, The running game has been much improved this year, so where does that leave Lamar Miller next season? Are there any plans to bring him back, or do we stick with the Hyde + Duke combo?

DD: Miller's on the comeback trail, and it's been great seeing him around the building. He's a beloved teammate, and he's an incredibly positive guy. When he returns to health, the Texans will be in an even better spot at the running back position.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, What is O'Brien's record after the bye? Do you think we will compete for the top two seeds?

DD: In five seasons, the Texans are 21-19 after the bye under O'Brien. In 2014 they went 5-2, and a year later were 6-2. In 2016 they were even at 4-4. Watson was healthy for only one game in 2017 after the bye, and the record tumbled to 1-9. Last year, Houston was 5-2 after the bye. As long as Watson's healthy, yes, I think the Texans will certainly compete for one of the top two seeds.

Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, With all the new billion dollar stadiums sprouting up, how long before Cal McNair demands a new multi-billion dollar stadium for Houston?

DD: I think the Texans are quite happy with the improvements that have been made, and are planned, at NRG Stadium.

Jess Can: Dear Drew, Why do the players sit on the bench with their heads down after they have made a mistake? They should own up to it and stand in the side lines ready to go back in there full force. They act like the game is over, when there is plenty of time recover. Stay positive Texans!

DD: Not sure what you're referencing. The Texans I watch are pretty darned positive. They're also 6-3, so I'm not sure there's a lot of time for brooding or sulking.

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