The Leftovers: O-line chatter, Deshaun Watson's new coach, more

On Facebook and Twitter, fans submitted questions for Drew Dougherty. He answered a few in his 'Dear Drew' video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below. Send him a question any time by tweeting at him HERE.

Derek Amos: Dear Drew, Who will be the lead man toting the rock this year? Are we going after Le'veon Bell, or will Lamar Miller be the guy again? Or will D'Onta Foreman be given the chance to start?* DD*: I'd be surprised to see Bell with the Texans. Pretty sure you'll see Miller start, with Foreman and a to-be-signed free agent/drafted rookie in the mix as well. Miller was really good in 2018, and showed an explosiveness that was reminiscent of his days as a Dolphin. With Foreman getting healthier, and another back in the mix, the Texans run game should be a little better in 2019.

@WalkInGodsGlory: Dear Drew, Who do you think we will draft in the first round?* DD*: An offensive tackle or a cornerback. A lot of mock drafts around the web this week had the Texans nabbing Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard. He's been at the top of the list, along with guys like Greg Little from Ole Miss, Cody Ford of Oklahoma and Florida's Jawaan Taylor.

@Scleary895Op: Dear Drew, With the re-signing of Seantrel Henderson, do you think we draft a right tackle, and try and get Trent Brown? How do you see this possibly happening? First time for me asking a question on your show.* DD*: Thanks a lot for the question. Henderson was the starter at right tackle before his ankle injury in Week 1 at New England. Even though he's coming back, I still think the Texans will draft an offensive lineman and cornerback with two or more of their first three picks. As for Brown, he's one of many names in free agency that you should keep an eye on. But I'd be a little surprised to see the Patriots let him walk away.

@StatKingUpWs: Dear Drew, What elements of Russell Wilson's game can Carl Smith develop in Deshaun Watson?* DD*: Great question. Smith, as you point out, has most recently spent time with Wilson. He's also coached up the likes of Drew Bledsoe and Bobby Hebert in the NFL, and was Matt Leinart's coach at USC the year he won a Heisman and the Trojans massacred Oklahoma in the National Title game. You'll likely see Smith work with Watson on recognizing what to look out for with opposing defenses, getting rid of the ball quicker when trouble comes, and continuing to make plays in the electric fashion we've become accustomed to the last two years. I'm excited about the Smith addition to the staff.

@BrendDodd: Dear Drew, We would like to hear your mock draft Drew?! You're awesome mister!!* DD*: Thanks Brenda. I'm HORRIBLE at mocks, but like I mentioned above, I think the Texans will take the best offensive lineman or cornerback who's available at 23rd overall.


Ryan Chapman: Dear Drew, How excited are the Texans to be coming over to London to play for the 1st time?* DD*: Very. I'm jacked for this trip, and think it'll be a lot of fun. I'm curious to see how many Texans fans will be there, and I'm betting there will be a fair amount of Battle Red ringing the sidelines in the pregame. You gonna be there?

@The_1_Hendo: Dear Drew, When you travel to London with the Texans what Landmarks you most interested in seeing?
DD: I'll take any and all suggestions you send me, Graham. I've never been, and definitely want to see the Churchill War Rooms, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, and Number 10 Downing Street.

@ernestlopez2621: Dear Drew, Do you see the Texans picking up free agents such as LT Trent Brown RT Juwan James Or RT Daryl Williams CB Jason Verett Or CB Ronald Darby ? P.S. I'm a great friend of Victoria she told me that she knew you very well.* DD*: Sweet. Tell Victoria I said hello. Those free agent names are all possibilities for Houston, yes. Whether or not they actually sign here though...

Kevin Mercer: Dear Drew, There have been rumors going around that suggest the Texans will re-sign Demaryius Thomas on a smaller contract. Do you expect this to be the case? Or do you think we will just move forward without him?* DD*: I could certainly see that happening, yes. He's still got a way to go in terms of rehabbing from the Achilles injury, and I think Houston will add a veteran free agent at receiver. But based on the way he played here, how he interacted with his teammates and coaches, Thomas coming back would be a definite possibility.

@RanelGallardo: Dear Drew, Will the Texans do anything to improve the offensive line?
DD: Yes. They signed three free agent linemen last season, and spent a third round draft pick on another. They'll be aggressive again in trying to improve that part of the team.

@Namaste_23: Dear Drew, Why am I so lost without seeing Texans football on Sundays?
DD: It's tough, I know. Persevere. Read some books. Exercise. Hug the ones you love. You're going to make it, I promise.

Brad Wulfe: Dear Drew, Who do we have our eye on in the combine? What big splashes, if any, do you believe we will make in free agency?
DD: Brad, the Texans will be keeping their eyes on everybody, with an emphasis on linemen and corners. I think you'll see Houston add help on the offensive line, at corner, receiver and maybe running back this March when free agency begins.

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