The Leftovers: Questions about Coutee, Watson, Foreman, Hilton and more

In the video above, Drew Dougherty answered a few questions via Facebook from fans. In the article below, he answered quite a few more.

Ramiro Cavazos: Dear Drew, will Tyrann Mathieu be back next season?
DD: I sure hope so, Ramiro. He's been great for the organization and the city. On the field, he played at a Pro Bowl level and helped stabilize the back end of a defense that was 4th in the NFL in points per game allowed. In the locker room, he instantly made an impact as a leader, and was selected as a team captain. In the community he's been a giant, giving back to the less-fortunate.

Clay Morgan: Dear Drew, What is going to be the best way to slow down T.Y. Hilton?
DD: Great question, Clay. It'll take a combo of many things: getting after Andrew Luck and being excellent in coverage against Hilton. Ultimately, they need to keep the big plays in front of them. If he catches the ball, make sure it's not for a lot of yardage. He's carved up the Texans with big gains this season.

Juan Garza: Dear Drew, Now that the Texans are in the tournament do you think the playbooks will be open more on both sides of the ball?
DD: Yes. It's a good question, Juan. I'm not sure you'll see a bunch of trick plays and wacky blitzes, but I do think you'll see the Texans mixing things up a little more and throwing more wrinkles at the Colts. Having Keke Coutee back in the fold will aid in that, offensively.

Kenneth Gaddis: Dear Drew, Do you think Deshaun Watson should run the ball more himself?
DD: Only if the opportunity is there. You saw him run quite a bit last Sunday, and a lot of that was due to what the defense was giving him. If you see the Colts tighten up and try to take that away, I think Lamar Miller and the running backs will feast, and the pass game will open up a bit. When Watson runs, he's a big stress for defenses.

Darin Fohner: Dear Drew, What does Houston need to do to protect Watson and open up the run game for Miller and company?
DD: It's a group effort. The offensive line needs to block, as do the tight ends, backs and receivers. I think the return of Coutee adds a dimension to the offense that makes opposing defenses have to pause. We saw him roast the Colts in the Week 4 matchup between these teams, and Watson said Coutee's presence makes teams play back on their heels a bit.

Andrew Chase Turlington: Dear Drew, Do you think Watson could have a first playoff magic play like J.J. Watt did?
DD: Of course. We've seen him pull off some magical plays many times in his two years here.

Brandon McLaughlin: Dear Drew, Will we see D'onta Forman and Keke Coutee play will this weekend in the wildcard playoff game against the Colts?
DD: I'd be stunned if Coutee doesn't play. Foreman was inactive last Sunday. I tend to think he'll play, though, versus the Colts.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, How do we get to Andrew Luck??? It seems that everybody we played has been putting in more tight ends to slow down our pass rush.
DD: Mike, I'm confident in Watt, Clowney and the rest of the front 7 figuring out a way to mess with him. They've been able to cause problems all season long, and I don't think that changes this Saturday.

Cameron Knight: Dear Drew, How amazing is DeAndre Hopkins' no drop passes stat? He should get a cell phone endorsement for "no drops".
DD: It's amazing, and he does the amazing on a routine basis.

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