The Leftovers: Watson protection, Foreman's return, Coutee's role

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions submitted via Facebook and Twitter in the video above. He answered some more in the article below.

Juan Medina: Dear Drew, Why was there no tornado advisory? All jokes aside do you think the Texans can make it to the top of the division?DD: Juan's clearly a fan of DeAndre Hopspins. As far as the top of the division, certainly. They just gotta keep winning. Should they beat the Bills, they're back at .500 with a 3-3 mark. A roadie at Jacksonville is the next week, and the Jaguars are currently 3-2 and tied with the Titans in first place. All told, there are four more division games remaining for Houston, and three of those will be at NRG Stadium.

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, Are they ever going to protect Deshaun Watson. He is getting hit hard a lot.DD: Yes David, protecting Watson and surrounding him with talent are the big priorities. But the quarterback himself, as well as head coach Bill O'Brien have both said he shouldn't hold on to the ball as long. The offensive line allowed one sack, but Watson was hit 10 times and also knocked around a few more when he ran for yardage. They need to curtail his exposure to the big hits, for sure.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Has the Offensive line mystery finally been solved with this last combination?DD: James, the line was much better and we'll likely see the same combo out there in the weeks to come. But they'd be the first to tell you they can always play a little better. While the sack totals dropped drastically against the Cowboys, they still want to keep Watson cleaner and not get knocked around as much. It was a good step in the right direction, though, for that unit.

Eric Joseph: Dear Drew, Will D'Onta Foreman be the lead back when he returns? Will Keke Coutee be more involved?
DD: With Foreman, no, not initially. He comes off the PUP in the next week or so, and could play in a game as soon as October 21 at Jacksonville. I'm not sure he'll suit up that week, though. Even if he could, I wouldn't expect him to get 20 carries right off the bat. His return will be a welcome one, though.With Coutee, the Texans threw to him six times for 51 yards against the Cowboys, and he scored on one of those receptions. That came a week after he caught 11 passes. He's a big part of the offense and will continue to be in the weeks ahead.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, How is Deshaun Watson doing after taking all those brutal hits last night? He looked a little shaken up. Is he okay?

DD: The injury report will come out after Wednesday's practice, and it will say whether or not he practiced, and how limited he was. Following the game on Sunday night, Watson said he "was fine" and able to finish the game.

Minz Lentz: Dear Drew, We're driving in from your old stomping grounds for the Bills game. Need some Pedro's Tamales? A Chimy's margarita? Any other Lubbock delicacy you're craving? Also, where's the best place to see you, Deepi, Harris and Vandermeer before the game and get a pic?
DD: Aw thanks for the offer, Mindy. I had a great time working in Lubbock from 2005 to 2009. More than any delicacy, I miss some of the great friends I made out there. As for a pic, the four of us are scattered about on gameday. Tweet at us though and we'll try to make it happen.

Marcos Castelan: Dear Drew, What do you think we can do to keep our secondary playing at the same level as they are right now?
DD: Marcos, you're right: the secondary played great on Sunday night. I think as they settle into the season and have worked together a bit more, they've become more accustomed to each other's roles in the defense and been able to make plays. They were really good on Sunday night and will look to continue it against Josh Allen and the Bills.

The Houston Texans fans showed up big as the Texans took on the Cowboys at NRG Stadium.

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