The Leftovers: Watson's future, Watt awards, DB shuffling

Fans on Facebook sent in questions for Drew Dougherty, and he answered a few in the video above. Drew answered a bunch more in the article below.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, I know the Texans play on Thursday, but I'm concerned about the high altitude in Denver and how that will affect the players, especially Deshaun Watson?

DD: Head coach Bill O'Brien said during his Monday press conference that he didn't expect travel to be an issue anymore for Watson, so it looks like he'll be okay in that regard. That's almost two weeks away, so I think he'll be okay. Von Miller is a bigger concern than the thin air, in my opinion.

Michael Carroll: Dear Drew, With J.J. Watt leading the NFL in sacks, is there a chance he'll be the Defensive Player of the Year if he continues this dominance?

DD: Sure there's a chance. He's got seven sacks, which is tied for fourth in the NFL. Watt's affected the game in so many ways and has been a force on defense. The attention he's drawing from opposing lines, tight ends and backs has helped free things up for his teammates in the front 7. If he keeps playing like he has through the first seven games, he'll absolutely be on the short list to win it for the fourth time.

Chans Foote: Dear Drew, With Andre Hal back, will Kareem Jackson be moved to CB full time?

DD: Chans, Kareem played quite a bit of cornerback the last couple weeks. He's versatile enough to be able to keep playing both. He's been a playmaker this year, coming up with a fumble recovery, forced fumble or interception in four of seven games this year. Against Dallas he had an interception, and he followed that up with a pick against the Bills. Yesterday he pounced on a fumble forced by Zach Cunningham. It's no coincidence that the Texans have allowed 16, 13 and seven points in those last three games.

Gumaro Mendoza: Dear Drew, Any word on when Aaron Colvin will return this season?

DD: O'Brien said "there's a chance" the cornerback could return from his ankle injury before 2018 ends. He's not been placed on injured reserve, which is a good sign in that regard.

Edgar Alvarado: Dear Drew, your awesome.

DD: Thanks, Broseph.

Felipe Alarcon: Dear Drew, how many sacks will Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt get during the Miami Dolphins game?

DD: How about…two each? Cool? Cool.

Rashad Collins: Dear Drew, With the team on a little streak, how do these fellas stay focused on still improving because we have yet played a complete game?

DD: I don't think you need to worry about focus with this team. They've climbed out of an 0-3 hole and are now atop the AFC South. They too, want to play a "complete game", but more than anything they just want to get wins. That's the only thing that matters, and there are no extra points for 'complete' wins, etc.

Alfredo Portillo: Dear Drew, A couple months ago I asked for your advice which road game would you choose to attend, and you suggested Denver. Well I'm on my way to Denver to see the Texans get the W. Hope to see you there.

DD: That's awesome, Alfredo. Hope I see you too. If you're there in the pregame and see me, make sure you holler. Hope you have a fun trip and get to see a Texans win.

Samer Adams: Dear Drew, What are the chances of winning the Super Bowl? I'm very optimistic.

DD: Samer, let's just worry about winning on Thursday, first. But I'll say this: with Watson under center, I think ANYTHING is possible.

The Traveling Texans showed up big in Jacksonville to help lead the Texans to the 4th straight victory.

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