The Texans 2019 Awards: Best Touchdown

With the 2020 Oscars set for Sunday, we will be unveiling our nominees for some of our favorite plays from the 2019 season. Instead of Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Director, we've come up with our own categories. Today, we nominate a play for (cue the music)…


**Drew Dougherty, Texans TV Host

Nomination: The Eye Kick**

Houston was down by four in the fourth quarter against the Raiders. On first-and-goal, Deshaun Watson avoided a sack, was spun around, inadvertently kicked in the left eye, and he still managed to roam to his right and toss a touchdown to tight end Darren Fells. It gave the Texans a lead they wouldn't relinquish, and it was another in a long line of miraculous plays the young quarterback has made.

Marc Vandermeer, Voice of the Houston Texans
Nomination: Watson and Hopkins switch roles in 'passing TD' vs Patriots

They later said the 'look' wasn't quite the one they wanted, in a goal-to-go situation. But Watson decided to run the play anyway. Hopkins got the rock and ran an option type of play that saw the ball end of in the hands of Watson who airlifted himself through contact over the pylon. The play was ruled a forward pass and it's one we'll never forget.

Deepi Sidhu, Texans Insider and Lead Writer
Nomination: Stills' TD catch opening drive at KC

I definitely loved "The Eye Kick" and some of the other big scores mentioned here, so I thought I'd nominate one of the lesser-discussed touchdowns of the year.

After an entire season of head-scratchingly slow starts, the Texans punched in a touchdown on the opening drive of the biggest game of the year, the Divisional Game at Kansas City. (Until then, the only touchdown on an opening drive came via AJ McCarron in Week 17 against Tennessee.) On third-and-1, Watson threw a bomb to Kenny Stills who broke free for a 54-yard touchdown. Was it the most complex, acrobatic, miraculous play? No. In fact, I'll never forget the joy of seeing a wide-open Stills with only yards of green grass separating him from the endzone.

John Harris, Texans Analyst and Sideline Reporter
Nomination: DeAndre Hopkins' 2nd TD catch vs. Colts

Best Touchdown - Any win over the Colts is a great win, especially in primetime at home on a Thursday night. With that being said, Deshaun Watson's 30-yard bomb to DeAndre Hopkins to put the Texans in the lead for good against the Colts is my pick here. It was absolutely majestic. Perfect protection. Great route. Tremendous throw. Outstanding catch. Picture perfect touchdown all around to beat the Colts - Watson to Hopkins - their second touchdown connection on that night.

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