Thursday Kubiak quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after practice on Thursday afternoon.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on whether TE Owen Daniels will play) "It's a big question there. We'll take a look at him tomorrow. He has not practiced these first two days so we sure hope he's going to be ready to go. I can answer that question better tomorrow, but he has not practiced these last two (days) other than warming up. That's about it."

(on whether the defensive line has disappointed him this season) "Well, first off I think going from a 3-4 to a 4-3 has been a big, big time task. We moved a couple players that have been here, asking them to do some different stuff, but I think that's been a challenge. What we do defensively, we ask our guys to do a great deal, and that's been a challenge. Their effort has been tremendous. We would like to have more sacks and those types of things, yeah, but I think our effort, our attention to detail has been good. You know, we've just got to continue to all get better, and they are a part of that 'all'. But I think they have done some good things."

(on Colts RB Joseph Addai) "He's a hell of a football player. We knew that coming out. We studied him, and we liked him coming out. That's a piece of that puzzle in their offense and what they do. He's going to be an effective player because they're going to run the ball against honest defenses. Peyton's going to make you play a two-deep shell and now you're running against six in the box. And then this kid, what he's done mentally to go in there and play in that offense says a lot about him, but he was a tremendous kid coming out. I think he's a hometown boy from Sharpstown or something, and really a hell of a player. What he's done is big-time."

(on whether getting rid of the -6 turnover ratio is a goal for the last two games) "Yeah, I mean if you're minus in this league you're probably not winning many games, that's just a fact and when you're plus in that area you may win some games that you shouldn't because you're winning the turnover battle. Yeah, that's something that we improved on at a point during the season. We were close to getting even, and then the last few, especially last week to turn the ball over that much, you're in trouble. So it'd be nice to get it back to close to even before the seasons out."

(on the status of DE Mario Williams' injury) "It's the same. The MRI looks better, the fluid and those type of things look better, but his pain, the aggravation hasn't changed. And that's not going to change until he rests it."

(on what Williams will do to rehab it after the season) "It's really rest. He's going to basically have to do nothing is my understanding for about a month and continue to rehab it. But that's the only thing that heals it. Anybody that's been through it, that's what they told me. Hopefully his won't be any different."

(on whether he ever thought that Williams should not be playing) "No, because I think it's good for him to learn to play though things like this. You're never going to be perfect in this league. Guys, form about the first month on, play beat up all year long. And also it's something to be able to go out where you're not going to practice but still be an effective player. There are a lot of guys that can't do that, and he has played pretty good for a young kid who hasn't practiced much. So I don't want that anymore, but he's becoming a better pro because of the situation."

(on whether he thinks the defensive line has played better than their numbers show) "I don't know how to put a finger on that other than I think they have done some good things. It's like anything; you can always do better. We tried to create pressure this year by being a zone-dog team and a blitz team. You know, if you feel like you're getting pressure with your front four, you'd like to play a lot more zone and that type of thing. Maybe that's in our future; maybe we'll get to that point, but right now we felt like we needed to create some ways to get pressure."

(on whether his aim it is to have QB pressure with just the front four) "Everybody in this league is aiming to be able to play with those four guys going to get the quarterback and feel good about it. And I cut on the film this week and that's all this team (the Colts) does. They play two-deep, they play three-deep, and they go get you with four guys. And if a quarterback can hold the ball long enough to get the ball down the field they blame the d-line. That's where they're at as a football team, and hopefully we're heading there."

(on how much action RB Chris Taylor will see) "We're going to play (RB) Chris Taylor. (RB) Ronnie (Dayne) will start. We're going to play Chris Taylor long with Ronnie. (RB) Wali (Lundy) will be suited up to, so all three of those guys will be up. But we want to take a look at Chris."

(on Colts Head coach Tony Dungy) "He's as good a person as there is. His character is just off the charts. He is as steady a human being and a coach as you'll find. They are very simple in their approach and what they do. Everywhere he's been he's done a hell of a job. I just have a tremendous amount of respect for him."

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