Top 5 Articles of 2014

Everyone loves end of the year lists right?

As 2014 winds down, we thought it would be fun to recap the year that was here at It was a banner year for the website, as we set traffic records all across the board. From the hiring of Bill O'Brien, to the drafting of Jadeveon Clowney to J.J. Watt's monster season, the news kept coming at NRG Stadium.

Below are the top five most read stories of the year by you. You can click on the images below to read the stories.

The draft was a hot topic all offseason, as the team prepared to make several selections. This article gave the exact placement of each of the organization's picks.

Get your tickets people!

Right after the draft, J.J. Watt reached out to the team's number one overall pick.

This is impressive considering it was written LAST WEEK. All Texans fans were hoping for a little help in the NFL's final Sunday.

Football was least the schedule part of it.

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